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School of Mathematical Sciences,
Tel-Aviv University,
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"Real-time" differentiation of the noisy signal f = f0 +h,
representing the "unknown" basic signal f0(t) = sin(0.5 t) + 0.5 cos(t)
corrupted by the noise
h = 107 cos(104 t) - 2 107 sin(1.7 105 t) + 5 107 cos(1.33 105 t)

and sampled with the time period 10-5.

Filtering differentiator of the order 3 and the filtering order 7 is applied

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1987 Ph.D. Thesis "Higher-order sliding modes and their application in control of uncertain processes". Adviser: Prof S.V. Emelyanov. Opponent (secondary adviser): Prof M.A. Krasnoselsky.

1983-1987 Postgraduate studies in mathematical control theory, Institute for System Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

1980 B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the  Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, majored in the Theory of Differential Equations.

1980 M.Sc. Thesis "Singularities of Stability Region Boundary." Scientific Adviser: Prof V.I. Arnold.

Research Interests:

Nonlinear Control Theory, Sliding Mode Control, Homogeneous Discontinuous Control, Nonlinear Finite-Time-Exact Tracking and Observation, Robust Exact High-Order Differentiation.

Main scientific results:

Establishment of new branches of the Sliding-Mode Control (SMC) Theory - High-Order SMC and Homogeneous SMC; Real-Time Robust Exact Differentiation

Some papers in the PDF format:

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Full version of the paper "Accuracy of Homogeneous Sliding Modes in the Presence of Fast Actuators" (with proofs)

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Presentation of Filtering Differentiators (December, 2019)

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SMC for students: survey-tutorial, 2019

Lecture "Homogeneous Control and Observation of Uncertain SISO Systems", Dalian Maritime University, China, July 27, 2020, Mexico, January 13, 2021 ZOOM recording of July 27, 2020

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