Tenure Track Position in Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Systems

Tenure Track Position in Remote Sensing and Geoinforma
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Tenure Track Position in Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Systems



Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at the Faculty of Exact Sciences, and the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Tel Aviv University, are seeking a dynamic research leader for a joint tenure-track position in remote sensing and geoinformation systems of the earth.



We invite applications from exceptional candidates for a joint tenure-track position opening in October 2023.

The appointment is tenure-tracked, with the expectation of achieving tenure within 5 years. It is designed to enable early career scientists to become tenured group leaders and to develop an independent, internationally leading, research group. The successful candidate will be provided with start-up funds, support with student scholarships, and training in research and teaching management.


Porter School at the Faculty of Exact Science is composed of three departments: Geography, Environment and Geophysics covering, major fields in the interaction between humankind and the environment from physical, chemical, biological, and social aspects, with leading scientific scholars in these areas.

The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History is Israel’s National Center for Biodiversity Studies, focusing on biodiversity research in the broad sense and conservation science. Comprising three Divisions – Collections & Research, Applied Policy -Relevant Research and a Public division. itis recognized as a national biodiversity research infrastructure.



Candidates are expected to have a strong track record in the core research areas of both the Porter School and the Museum of Natural History units using geoinformation/remote sensing systems.  The candidate must have a strong publication record and a clear research vision as well as a PhD and post-doctoral training at a recognized scientific group in these fields.


Prior to obtaining tenure, the successful candidate is expected to raise external funding, develop their own research programmes, contribute to the student learning experience through teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, and through their research and personal tutoring, and contribute to the scientific development of both Porter School and the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History as a National Research Infrastructure. The candidate will also be expected to supervise MSc and PhD students and publish regularly in leading international journals. Effective and vital cooperation with the scientific scholars at both units is strongly expected.   


Women and candidates from minority groups are particularly encouraged to apply.


To apply send (1) A letter of application. (2) Your CV (including your publication list (3) A research statement outlying your academic vision and fitting the double-affiliation program (≤ 2 pages). (4) a teaching statement (≤ 1 page) outlining your teaching philosophy and plans.  

Upon request, be prepared to provide 3 recommendation letters (which should be sent from the referees directly to the email address below). Candidates who were short-listed will be expected to present a seminar as part of the screening process.





Applications and all inquiries should be sent to the Chair of the Search Committee: Prof. Eyal Ben-Dor:  bendor@tauex.tau.ac.il



 (subject: TAU position)


Closing Date: January 31st 2023




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שלישי, 31 ינואר 2023
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