Laboratory of Environmental Bioengineering
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Flow cytometric measurements as a proxy for sporulation intensity in the cultured macroalga Ulva (Chlorophyta)
Nahor O, Morales-Reyes CF, Califano C, Wichard T, Golberg A, Israel A.
Botanica Marina Accepted

Polyhydroxyalkanoates and biochar from green macroalgal Ulva sp. biomass subcritical hydrolysates: Process optimization and a priori economic and greenhouse emissions break-even analysis
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R Gnaim, M Polikovsky, R Unis, J Sheviryov, M Gozin, A Golberg.
Bioresource Technology 124815


High-voltage pulsed electric fields eliminate Pseudomonas aeruginosa stable infection in a mouse burn model.
Wu M, Rubin AE, Dai T, Usta OB, Golberg A*, Yarmush ML.*Corresponding author
Advances in Wound Care accepted

Hydrothermal processing of a green seaweed Ulva sp. for the production of monosaccharides, polyhydroxyalkanoates, and hydrochar
Steinbruch E, Drabik D, Epstein M, Ghosh S, Prabhu MS, Gozin M, Kribus A, Golberg A
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Biorefinery for the co-production of protein, hydrochar and additional co-products from a green seaweed Ulva sp. with subcritical water hydrolysis
Polikovsky M, Gillis A, Steinbruch E, Robin A, Epstein M, Kribus A, Golberg A
Energy Conversion and Management 225 (1): 113380

Asymmetric voltage multiplying circuit coupled to sliding electrodes for biomass fractionation with high-voltage and high current pulsed electric fields
Levkov K, Golberg A
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Sensitivity analysis of electrical bioimpedance patterns of breast cancer cells labeled with magnetic nanoparticles: forming the foundation for a biosensor of circulating tumor cells
González C.A., Golberg, A.
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Das, B Shrirao A, Berthiaume F, Golberg A, Schloss R, Yarmush M.
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Engineering bacteria-seaweed symbioses for modulating the photosynthate content of Ulva (Chlorophyta): Significant for the feedstock of bioethanol production.
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Prabhu MS, Israel A, Palatnik RR, Zilberman D, Golberg A.
Journal of Applied Phycology. accepted

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Levkov K, Linzon Y, Mercadal B, Ivorra A, González CA, Golberg A.
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Botanica Marina DOI:

The Seaweed Resources of Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Israel A, Golberg A, Neori A
Botanica Marina 1-10

Label-free cDNA detection based on RF scattering parameters: A new approach for an inexpensive gene sensor
Gnaim R, Sheviryov J, Golberg A, Ames G, Oziel M, González CA.
ASME Journal of Medical Devices 4(1):014502

Energy efficient dewatering of far offshore grown green macroalgae Ulva sp. biomass with pulsed electric fields and mechanical press
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Bioresource Technology 295: 122229


Molecular harvesting with electroporation for tissue profiling
Golberg A., Sheviryov J, Solomon O, Anavy L, Yakhini Z
Scientific Reports 9:15750

A laboratory IGBT-based high-voltage pulsed electric field generator for effective water diffusivity enhancement in chicken meat
Levkov, K, Vitkin E, Gonzalez-Diaz C.A, Golberg A.
Food and Bioprocess Technology accepted

Algae Window for reducing energy consumption of building structures in the Mediterranean city of Tel-Aviv, Israel
Negev E , Yezioro A , Polikovsky M , Kribus A , Cory J , Shashua-Bar L , Golberg A
Energy and Buildings 204: 109460

High-voltage pulsed electric fields preprocessing enhances extraction of starch, proteins and ash from marine macroalgae Ulva ohnoi
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ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 7(20) 17453-17463

Deep water nutrient supply for an offshore Ulva sp. cultivation project in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: experimental simulation and modeling.
Zollmann M, Traugott H, Chemodanov A, Liberzon A, Golberg A
Bioenergy Research accepted

Co-production of monosaccharides and hydrochar from green macroalgae Ulva (Chlorophyta) sp. with subcritical hydrolysis and carbonization.
Greiserman S, Epstein M, Chemodanov A, Steinbruch E, Prabhu M, Guttman L, Jinjikhashvily G, Shamis O, Gozin M, Kribus A, Golberg A.
Bioenergy Research accepted

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A biosensor capable of identifying low quantities of breast cancer cells by electrical impedance spectroscopy
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Feasibility study of Ulva sp. (Chlorophyta) intensive cultivation in a coastal area of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Chemodanov A, Robin A, Jinjikhashvily G, Yitzhak D, Liberzon A, Israel A, Golberg A.
Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining accepted

Starch from the sea: The green macroalga Ulva ohnoi as a potential source for sustainable starch production in the marine biorefinery
Prabhu M, Chemodanov A, Gottlieb R, Kazir M, Nahor O, Gozin M, Israel A, Livney Y, Golberg A.
Algal Research. 37:215-227

Sparse NIR Optimization method (SNIRO) to quantify analyte composition with visible (VIS)/near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy (350nm-2500nm).
Peleg Y, Shefer S, Anavy L, Chudnovsky A, Israel A, Golberg A*, Yakhini Z*. *Corresponding authors
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Selective inactivation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus epidermidis with pulsed electric fields and antibiotics.
Rubin A.E , Usta O.B, Schloss R, Yarmush M.L, Golberg A.
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Ghosh S, Gillis A, Sheviryov J, Levkov K, Golberg A.
Journal of cleaner production 2019. 208:220-231

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Polikovsky, M, Fernand, F, Sack, M, Frey,W, Müller G, Golberg, A.
Food Chemistry 2019. 276: 735-744

Macroalgal biomass subcritical hydrolysates for the production of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) by Haloferax mediterranei.
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Bioresource Technology 2019, 271: 166-173

Extraction of proteins from two marine macroalgae, Ulva sp. and Gracilaria sp., for food application, and evaluating digestibility, amino acid composition and antioxidant properties of the protein concentrates
Kazir, M, Abuhassira, Y, Robin, A, Nahor, O, Luo, J, Israel, A, Golberg, A, Livney, YD
Food Hydrocolloids 2019, 87: 194-203


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PhD Thesis Works

Ulva-bacteria interactions and biomass processing for the production of new energy and food sources
Mark Polikovsky
Envrironmental Sciences 2020.PDF

Graduates MS Thesis Works

Environmetal impacts of bioethnol production from Ulva sp. with two step fermentation by yeast and bacteria
Envrironmental Sciences 2020.PDF

Hydrothermal Liquefaction: Biomass and waste to biofuels
Siddaq Preet Singh
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Noam Rosiansky
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Solar hydrothermal deconstruction of green macroalgae biomass for biofuel production
Semion Greiserman
Environmental Engineering 2018.PDF

Developing an optical method of detecting monosaccharides concentration seaweed for selective breeding of Ulva Fasciata.
Shai Shefer.
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Oz Habiby
Mechanical Engineering- Direct track 2018.PDF

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Andrey Eithan Rubin
Environmental studies 2018.PDF

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