The Felsenstein Medical Research Center
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Research Groups


Laboratory of Cellular and Vascular Immunology, Head: Britta Hardy Ph.D.

Laboratory of Endocrine Immunology Head: Amiram Ravid Ph.D.

Laboratory of Inflammation Research Head: Yair Molad M.D.

Laboratory of Molecular Immunology Head: Chaya Moroz Ph.D.

Physiopathology of Joints and Inflammation Research Head: Ehud Baharav M.D.

Endocrinology and Metabolism

Laboratory of Diabetes and Obesity Research Head: Pnina Vardi M.D.

Laboratory of Neuroendocrine Head: Ilan Shimon M.D.

Laboratory of Molecular Endocrinology and Diabetes Research Head: Moshe Phillip M.D.

Laboratory of Nutrition and Metabolism Research Head: Pierre Singer M.D


Laboratory of Biochemistry & Pharmacology of Cancer Cells & Telomere Research,
Heads of Laboratory: Jardena Nordenberg Ph.D, Meir Lahav, M.D. M.Sc, Eyal Fenig M.D

Laboratory of the Biology of Head and Neck Tumors Head: Raphael Feinmesser M.D.

Laboratory of Experimental Hematology Head: Ofer Shpilberg M.D.

Laboratory of Experimental Pharmacology and Oncology Head: Ada Rephaeli Ph.D.

Laboratory of Hemato-Oncology Head: Esther Rabizadeh Ph.D.

Laboratory of Molecular Oncology Heads: Smadar Avigad Ph.D. and Isaac Yaniv M.D.

Laboratory of Pediatric Molecular Hematology Head: Hannah Tamary M.D.

Neurobiology and Psychiatry

Laboratory of Biological Psychiatry Head: Avi Weizman M.D.

Laboratory of Eye Research Head: Dov Weinberger M.D.

Laboratory of Neurosciences Head: Daniel Offen Ph.D.

Laboratory of Pediatric Eye Research Head: Nitza Goldenberg-Cohen M.D.


Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics Head: Amos Frisch Ph.D.

Laboratory of Molecular Genetics Head: Mordechai Shohat M.D.


Laboratory of Cardiac Research Head: Dan Aravot M.D.

Laboratory of Cardiovascular Biology Head: Ran Kornowski M.D and Eli Lev, M.D.

Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Cardiology Head: Gania Kessler-Icekson Ph.D.

Infectious Diseases

Laboratory of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Head: Shai Ashkenazi M.D. M.Sc.

Laboratory of Molecular Hepatology Head: Ran Tur-Kaspa M.D.

Dermatological Research

Laboratory of Molecular Dermatology Head: Emi Hodak M.D.

Transplantation Research

Laboratory of Transplantation Head: Eitan Mor M.D.