A bird's eye view of this overview.

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Web Essays - The evolution of a (personal?) medium
    Now that sounds like a rather academic approach, doesn't it?
        Is "postiously" the opposite of "previously"?
    Actually, everything is public.
    Mallory or Hillary, it doesn't really matter.
    ... no before or after in cyberspace.
        ... keep the reader on his or her toes.
           Hypertext and the element of choice.
           Nu, get to the point already.
    Not much gets written about using the telephone.
    Did I really write that?
    ... is that it defies concrete definition.
    Relying on my own private web of associations.
    ... and righting from left to write.
        Write on - A dedication.
    Yes, but clicking on the page won't help.

    Prove you're not making all this up.
        So what are we going to talk about here?
        Did he really say it all?
        The granddaddy of them all?
           If we really still need a definition...
           The first hypertext?
           Yet another definition ... with an example of itself?
           One more time removed, via a link.
           Hypertext before the web.
    Should I quote them all?
        (Almost) giving a bit of credit.
        More, more, give me more!
           On the necessity of red-pencilling.
    ... but not forearmed*.
        Whose hypertext is this, anyway?
    ... everyone sees something different.
    It doesn't only happen in hypertext.
    Who said it first?
    Choose your ending - for us.
    On rereading Bolter.
        You need hypertext for that?
    Different strokes?
    And does it make coffee as well?
    Another eclipsed tool.
    Taking it (very) seriously.
    Hypertexting on hypertext.
    Look ma, I'm footnoted!
    What do they do with links?
        Justi(n)fying personal web pages.
       A justification - if it's called for.
    A bit more seriousness wouldn't hurt.
    Cute, but could you grow up already?
    ... a bibliography.

    A bird's eye view of this overview.

    An introduction to the extroduction.
        What's the opposite of an introduction?
        For me that's not the proper metaphor.
           There I go again.
           I've got a little list.
        It was radiation, I know.
        Trying to make some sense out of all this.
           Or at least I used to be.
           It can't last for long.
           What a difference a day data makes...
            But it used to be here....
            Staking yet another middle ground.
                A bit of Boidem chronology.
                     A design decision that didn't take place.
                    On the evolution of the Boidem's links.
                    Picture, picture, on the page.
                    There's always something more to add.
           It didn't spring straight out of somebody's forehead, you know!
             Paper and ink, keyboard and link.
           On going out and coming back.
           It's more than just words and links, you know.
            Who cares when it was posted?
                A case in point.
                For instance.
            ... a thousand pictures?
                ... not wanting what you can have.
            ... see that (usually) blue bar above.
                Thank you Humpty Dumpty.
            The link is out there.
                ... would lead to a television show.
           On bringing the conclusion to a close.
             Who would have thought it would look that way?
           Wait a second! Hypertext in the School of Education?
             Can pupils do this sort of thing?
             Combating the run-on sentence.
             Can I quote you on that?
             Where am I in all this?
             Hey! Iíve got something on that topic too!

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