Ayala Arad

Associate Professor
Head of the Solomon Lew Center for Consumer Behavior
Director of the Interactive Decision Making Lab
Coller School of Management
Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv, 69978, Israel

Office: Lorry Lokey 1050



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Review of Economics and Statistics (forthcoming)




Working Papers


"Is Doing Nothing an Option? Omission of the Do-Nothing Option in Consideration Set Formation"

with Shai Danziger and Raanan Keren

"Predicting Individuals' Contributions to a Public Good from their Pre-Decision Communication"

with David Hugh-Jones and Stefan Penczynski



Hebrew Articles

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What does the public think about liberal paternalism? TheMarker, September 25th, 2015. (Hebrew version)

Government Interventions that Use Psychological Insights - Why Does it Bother Us? (2019)
Innovations in Management, 3, 1-9. (Hebrew version)

"No" to the Nudge culture. The Marker, March 21st, 2021. (Hebrew version)

When should we stop gambling? Globes, December 1st, 2022. (Hebrew version)

Strategic Thinking in Competitive Environments (2024)
Innovations in Management, 14, 21-33. (Hebrew version)




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