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Nationalism and morality: The Zionist Discourse and the Arabic Question
Editor: Dr. Ephraim Lavie
The Evolution of Israeli-Chinese Friendship
Prof. Aron Shai
The Evolution and Future of India-Israel Relations
Rajendra Abhyankar
Más allá del Medio Oriente Las Diásporas judía y árabe en América Latina
Raanan Rein (coord.), María José Cano Pérez (ED.), Beatriz Molina Rueda (ED.)
El otro en la España Contemporánea: Prácticas, discursos y representaciones
Silvina Schammah-Gesser and Raanan Rein (eds.)
International Intervention in Local Conflicts: Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Since the Cold War
Uzi Rabi
Israel and Arab peace initiative
Ephraim Lavi
The Origins of Racism in the West
Miriam Eliav-Feldon
Benjamin Isaac
Joseph Ziegler
Israel’s Relations with the Third World (1948–2008)
Benyamin Neuberger
Lyndon Johnson and Israel:
The Secret Presidential Recordings

Robert David Johnson
מבנה חדש למערכת התכנון בישראל
יובל פורטוגלי
נורית אלפסי
Somalia at War:
Between Radical Islam and Tribal Politics
Moshe Terdman
The Present Past of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
Israeli Archaelogy in the West Bank and East Jerusalem Since 1967

Raphael Greenberg
Adi Keinan
Dept of Archaelogy and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Tel Aviv University
Iran's Time
Uzi Rabi
Israel Diplomacy in the Middle East:
Lessons from the past 7 Visions for The Future

Amnon Barzilai
Mediterranean Historical Review
Since its Establishment in 1986, the Mediterranean Historical Review has becoming a leading journal in this field. Applying a multi-period perspective, it offers scholarly articles, testimonia, and book reviews, whose interests span from antiquity to the modern era. The Mediterranean Historical Review emphasizes interconnections and influences within the Mediterranean context, as well as questions of comparative and comparable nature.
Spanish and Latin American Transitions to Democracy
Edited By: Carlos H. Waisman and Raanan Rein
Sussex Academic Press, 2005.

Arabes Y Judios en Iberoamérica
Edited By: Raanan Rein
Survival Strategies of Small States - Lessons from Singapore
Lectures given at the symposium "Survival strategies of a Small State"
Dr. Tan tay Keong, Prof. Raanan Rein, Dr. Avi Beker, Ambassador Itzhak Shoham
Harold Hartog School of Government and Policy, Diplomacy and Jewish Policy Program.
The S. Daniel Abraham Center for International and Regional Studies
Tel Aviv University 2005.
España e Israel veinte años después
Editor: Raanan Rein
Dykinson S.L.
A collection of papers presented in a conference: "España e Israel veinte años después: de cara al pasado y al futuro", Tel Aviv University, March 2006, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and Spain

Tel Aviv University