David Levin


Professor of Applied Mathematics
School of Mathematical Sciences
Tel-Aviv University, ISRAEL.

Major interests:
  • Subdivision
  • Moving Least Squares
  • Multivariate Approximation Methods
  • Numerical Integration
  • CAGD
  • Computer Graphics
  • Convergence Acceleration


Schrieber Building, Room 335
Dept. of Applied Mathematics
School of Mathematical Sciences
Tel-Aviv University
Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel
phone: +972-3-6409169, fax: +972-3-6409357


Recent papers:

Regularity of generalized Daubechies wavelets reproducing exponential polynomials with real-valued parameters - ACHA, 2014 - with Nira Dyn, Ognyan Kounchev, Hermann Render

A subdivision regression model for data analysis - International Journal of Computer Mathematics, 2014 - with Sigalit Hed

Extension of functions - Advances in Quantum Chemistry, 2014

Shape Deformation via Interior RBF - IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2014 - with Zohar Levy

Subdivision schemes and multi-resolution modelling for automated music synthesis and analysis - Journal of Mathematics and Music, 2012 - with Sigalit Hed

Approximating piecewise-smooth function IMAJNA 2010 - with Yaron Lipman

Derivation and Analysis of Green Coordinates - Computational Methods and Function Theory - 2010 - with Yaron Lipman

Piecewise L-splines of order 4: Interpolation and L2 error bounds for splines in tension J. Approximation Theory - 2009 - with Ziv Ayalon and Nira Dyn

Green Coordinates SIGGRAPH 2008 - with Yaron Lipman and Danny Cohen-Or

Moving least-squares:

Oscillatory integrals, double-series, infinite products: