The Pre-Publication Collection


The pre-publication forums, Papers on Poetics and Semiotics and מחקרי מכון פורטר, offer junior and senior researchers alike the opportunity to elicit rapid responses to their work-in-progress through providing an interim platform prior to more formal channels of publication. Publications devoted to a single theoretical framework or to a single topic are also included in this program which aims to foster dialogue among the various students and researchers associated with the Porter Institute, and the Department of Poetics and Comparative Literature at Tel Aviv University, as well as dialogue between the Institute, the Department, and its counterparts abroad. Given the rapid changes which have characterized the discipline in recent years, and its ever growing contacts with adjacent disciplines (the Cognitive Sciences, Cultural Studies, and so on) the need for dialogue is a pressing one. The Porter Institute seeks to continue to play a facilitating role in this regard.

The lists of prepublications is complete for both languages, regardless of dates of publication. The prepublications have not been distributed commercially and are accessible only through the Porter Institute. Queries should be addressed to the Porter Institute.



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