About Ha-Sifrut


Ha-Sifrut / Literature: Theory - Poetics - Hebrew and Comparative Literature. This Hebrew academic quarterly, though independent of the Porter Institute, is closely linked to it. Thirty-six volumes have been published since Spring, 1968. Written in a language of three million speakers, it's circulation of about 1600 copies has been like that of similar journals in English.


It was the first academic journal for the study of literature in Hebrew and has established high scholastic standards of editing, previously unknown to criticism of modern Hebrew Literature. The many hundreds of articles published in Ha-Sifrut range from various aspects of literary theory through the study of Hebrew and Yiddish literature, Western and Arabic literature to aspects of linguistics and semiotics. English summaries are provided, though not always to a sufficient extent. Contributions from other languages have been translated in Ha-Sifrut and brought to the Hebrew reader. A classified index to Volumes 1-26 is available in Hebrew. Publication ceased in 1983, except for four volumes in a new format in 1984-1986.


Benjamin Hrushovski (Harshav): Founder, First Editor

1968-1976, 1984-1986


Itamar Even-Zohar: Assistant editor 1969-1970
                               Associate editor 1970-1976
                               Editor 1976-1982
                               Co-editor, special issue, summer 1986


Menakhem Perry: Editorial secretary 1968-1971


Gideon Toury: Editorial secretary 1972-1982


Orly Lubin: Vice editor 1984-5

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