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Poetics Today: A Journal for Theory and Analysis of Literature and Communication is the successor to PTL. Benjamain Harshav edited the journal from 1979 to 1988; Itamar Even-Zohar was the Editor from 1988 to 1993.

The journal appears four times a year, originally published by Tel Aviv University, currently published by Duke University Press. Strong emphasis is placed on theory and poetics anchored in the concrete analysis of texts.

We publish contributions from neighboring disciplines, such as the study of art, language in society, etc., cognitive psychology and semantics, since the study of literature cannot be divorced from such perspectives. Another important perspective is that of literary and cultural semiotics, and other approaches to cultural studies.





Editor: Meir Sternberg (Tel Aviv)


Associate Editor: Robert J. Griffin (Tel Aviv)


Assistant Editor: Orly Lubin (Tel Aviv)


Founding Editor: Benjamin Harshav (Yale)


Editorial Assistant: Eyal Segal


Managing Secretary: Sharon Himmelfarb



Special Issues

Special issues were dedicated to the following subjects:



Literature, Interpretation, Communication (1:1-2)


Roman Jakobson: Language and Literature (2:1)


The Construction of Reality in Fiction (5:2)

Medieval and Renaissance Representation: New Reflections (5:3)

Representation in Modern Fiction (5:4)


The Female Body in Western Culture: Semiotic Representation (6:1-2)

Poetics of Poetry (6:3)


Theory of Character (7:2)

Literature in Society (7:4)


Interpretation in Context in Science and Culture (9:1)

The Rhetoric of Interpretation and the Interpretation of Rhetoric (9:2)

Aspects of Literary Theory (9:3)

Episodes in the History of Criticism and Theory (9:4)


Art and Literature. (10:1)


Polysystem Studies: Itamar Even-Zohar (11:1)


Disciplinarity (12:2)

National Literature / Social Spaces (12:4)


Children's Literature (13:1)

Aspects of Metaphor Comprehension (13:4)


Cultural Processes in Muslim and Arab Societies (14:2, 15:2)

Purim and Cultural Poetics of Judaism (15:1)

Loci of Enunciation and imaginary Constructions: The Case of (Latin) America (15:4, 16:1)

Metrics Today I (16:3)


Metrics Today II (17:1)

Creativity and Exile: European/American Perspectives I (17:3)

Creativity and Exile: European/American Perspectives II (17:4)


Hellenism and Hebraism Reconsidered: The Poetics of Cultural Influence and Exchange I (19:1)

Hellenism and Hebraism Reconsidered: The Poetics of Cultural Influence and Exchange II (19:2)


Erich Auerbach and Literary Representation (20:1)

Lessing's Laokoon: Context and Reception (20:2)

Metaphor and Beyond: New Cognitive Developments (20:3)

Poetics of Avant-Garde Poetries I (20:4)


Poetics of Avant-Garde Poetries II (21:1)

Harshav Festschrift Issue I (21:3)

Harshav Festschrift Issue II (21:4)


Harshav Festschrift Issue III (22:1)

South Africa in the Global Imaginary (22:2)


Literature and the Cognitive Revolution (23:1)

Doxa and Discourse: How Common Knowledge Works (23:3)


The Cognitive Turn? A Debate on Interdisciplinary (24:2)

Theory and History of Narrative (24:3)

Between Thing and Theory; or Reflective Turn (24:4)


Between Thing and Theory: or, The Reflective Turn II (25:1)

How Literature Enters Life (25:2)

Literature and Ethics [25:4]


How Testimony Communicates (26:2)

Estrangement Revisited I (26:4)


Recent Issues


Vol. 28, Number 1, Spring 2007


Vol. 28, Number 2, Summer 2007 Genres of Philosophy I

Jonathan Lavery, Guest Editor


Vol. 28., Number 3, Fall 2007 Genres of Philosophy II

Jonathan Lavery, Guest Editor


Vol. 28, Number 4, Winter 2007 Narrative Studies


Other issues can be accessed through databases like JSTOR



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