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Submission of Articles for Refereeing in Kesher

Kesher, a journal devoted to research of the history of Jewish and Israeli press and media, is published twice annually by the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Institute for the Media of the Jewish People at Tel Aviv University. Kesher is interested in publishing original research articles and scholarly surveys on all topics related to the history of Jewish media and media people, their activities, and their influence, from a multidisciplinary perspective. All articles are forwarded for blind refereeing to readers who are members of the Scientific Board and, if necessary, to others as well.

Aspiring contributors should submit their articles in Word files to the Kesher editorial board at presstau@post.tau.ac.il and will receive a response within three months. Average article length should not exceed 8,000 words. Bibliography and notes should appear at the end of the article. Quotations should be presented in the customary manner of the discipline at issue. The editorial board solicits reviews and critiques of new books that fall into to the journal’s purview and publishes such critiques itself. Kesher also publishes a list of recently approved Ph.D. dissertations and masters’ theses along with abstracts at a maximum length of 250 words per thesis and 500 words per dissertation.


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