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About Kesher

Kesher is the only academic journal in Israel and in the world that is devoted to research into the history of the Jewish press and media. Established in 1987 and now in its twenty-first year, Kesher resumed publication in 2006 after a three-year hiatus.

In its thirty-seven issues since it made its debut, Kesher has acquired a unique and respected status among scholars in relevant academic disciplines and among interested readers in Israel and the Diaspora.

Kesher continues to publish academic studies and critical reviews of Jewish media and media people in all eras and in their numerous linguistic, social, cultural, ideological, and political complexions. By so doing, it attempts to reflect the existential reality of the Jewish people worldwide not only as the “people of the Book” but also as the “people of the newspaper,” who, in all their far-flung centers have published newspapers in their Jewish languages and in the vernacular of their countries of residence.


Founder and first editor: Dr. Mordechai Naor

Head of the Institute and managing editor of kesher: Prof. Yosef Gorny

Editor: Prof. Gideon Kouts




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