Art and Archaeology:
The Preservation of the Site

Who's Who at the Dig?

Prof. Oded Lipschits - Director

Prof. Lipschits is a senior lecturer in the Department of Jewish History and in the Department of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University.
He lives with his wife and 4 (!!!) children up north in the beautiful Galilee mountains.
He actually owns Ramat Rahel now, So...he is the boss!

Prof. Dr. Manfred Oeming - Herr Director

Prof. Oeming is from Heidelberg University in Germany. He is a professor of Old Testament Studies and Ancient Jewish History, and spends every summer in hot Israel.
Prof. Oeming is married with 3 daughters, and during the excavations he is also the father of 20 German students. Prof. Oeming will also be your boss during the summer!

Dr. Yuval Gadot - The Field Director

Yuval was born in May 1967 in Ramat Hasharon. He lives today in Modi'in with his wife and 3 children.
Yuval is a research fellow at the Hebrew Union College and a lecturer at the Open University.

Benjamin Y. Arubas - Survey, Mappings and Architectural-Stratigraphical Analysis

Benjamin was born in February 1959, and lives with his wife and children in Kibbutz Almog in the Jordan Valley.
Benjamin studied Egyptology, history and archaeology and is the chief researcher and architect of the Beth Shean project at the Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University.

Prof. Jacob Wright - Director of the Ramat Rahel Consortium of Universities and Institutes

Jacob was born in October 1973. After many years in Europe, he now teaches Hebrew Bible at Candler/Emory in Atlanta. Jacob has been with the dig since its inception. Besides taking an active role in the excavations, he is in charge of our growing consortium of schools.

Liora Freud - Registrar

Liora was born in 1955 on the beautiful northern border in the Galilee mountains. She now lives in Hod Hasharon, near Tel Aviv, and she is married with four daughters. Liora has a B.A. in archaeology and geography. She is a project coordinator at the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University. She teaches archaeology at the School for Nature.

Gila Yudkin, "Big Mama" of the team members

Gila was born in Connecticut, USA. For the past 25 years, she's been a Holy Land tour guide specializing in Christian pilgrimages and interfaith tours. She will be moderating the fun afternoon rap sessions including the "find of the day" contests, guiding some of the tours and trouble-shooting any team member issues that may arise.

Omer Sergey - Administration and Area Supervisor

Omer was born in June 1977 in the northern city of Haifa. He now lives in Tel Aviv and is a Ph.D. candidate in Biblical History at Tel Aviv University. Omer is a research assistant to Prof. Oded Lipschits and a Bible teacher at the Tel Aviv School of Arts. In his free time he raises a cat, which may have great implications for the excavation. He is also in charge of your free time during the project.

Nirit Kedem - Area Supervisor

Nirit was born in October 1971 in Tel Aviv. She is married and she has a beautiful cat whose name is Daniel...
Nirit is an M.A. student of archaeology in Tel Aviv University and she is writing her thesis about the site formation of Ramat Rahel.

Lisa Yehuda - Area Supervisor

Lisa is a PhD-student at the University of Haifa. Her subject is Medieval Archaeology with focus on the Crusader period. She is divorced and happily in love with her two kids and her boyfriend.

Keren Ras - Area Supervisor

Keren was born in April of 1980. She is an MA student at Tel Aviv University, writing her thesis on the impact of the Assyrian rule on the rural countryside of northern Israel. She is married to Roee and together they are raising a beautiful cat named Zoe.

Alla Volvovsky - Area Supervisor



Boaz Gross - Area Supervisor

Boaz, 25, Has a BA in archaeology from TAU. Got into the field due to the obvious financial reasons. Like to drink, eat and dig (in any order). Lives in Tel Aviv with his precious girlfriend and their 2 dogs and a cat.

Ido Koch - Area Supervisor

Ido was born in May of 1981. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Biblical History at Tel Aviv University, writing his dissertation on the history of the Judean Shephelah region. Ido is also a research assistant to Prof. Oded Lipschits. He lives in Tel Aviv with his beautiful dog - Chris.


Carsten Kettering - Equipment Supervisor (RASAP)

Carsten was born on 7th August 1980 in Germany, He studies Theology in Heidelberg and currently he also learns Hebrew in order to understand the rest of the staff gossiping. In his free time you find him either in a nice Café in Heidelberg or in the Gym. He does not know much about archeology, but as a former Rasap (equipment supervisor) at the German paratroopers, He quickly figured out how to get his tools returned!

Amitai Achiman - Equipment Supervisor (RASAP)

Amitai was born in November 1976. He is single and lives in Tel Aviv. He is studying for his M.A. degree in Jewish History at Tel Aviv University. Amitai is a research assistant to Prof. Oded Lipschits, and he is the one to trust for food, supplies and working tools during the excavation. Everyone should be nice to him!!!

Itamar Taxel - Pottery Research

Itamar was born in November 1975, he is married. Itamar lives in Rehovot, he is a PhD candidate and an archaeologist.

Shatil Emmanuilov - Surveyor and Computer Administration

Shatil was born in August 1981 at Saint Petersburg at Russia. Came to Israel at age 11 and now studies for an MA in biblical archaeology at Tel Aviv University. Also likes the Hittites and their culture and language. Defined as the architect depute of the dig (although he has no clue in architecture) and the data keeper. On his free time likes to listen to good music, watch a good movie and of course to drink a lot of beer or whiskey.

Former Staff Members:

Lior Marom - Area Supervisor (Seasons 2005-2007)

Lior, born in 1976 is actually a farmer from the Golan Heights! Most of the year he is busy growing and marketing his Mango's! But, he is also a M.A. student—just for the mind—to keep it busy as well! Lior is writing his thesis about area C in Ramat Rahel. His motto is: "always work hard and keep a big smile on your face…"

Shahaf Zach - Area Supervisor (Seasons 2005-2007)

Shahaf was born in July 1976. He has a B.A. in archaeology. Shahaf lives in the restless city of Tel Aviv and he is totally SINGLE - pay attention to that!

Gilad Cinamon - Area Supervisor

Gilad was born in June 1974. He lives in the Lower Galilee, and is married with one child. Gilad is a Ph.D. candidate of
archaeology, which is also his daily job.

Veronica Zlatkovski - Area Supervisor and Computer Administration (Seasons 2005-2007)

Veronica was born in Moscow in March 1981 and now lives in Ramat Gan with Boris, her boyfriend – I think they are married.
Veronica is studying for an M.A. in Archaeology at
Tel Aviv University.

Boris Babaev - Area Supervisor (Seasons 2005-2007)

Boris is Veronica's boyfriend. He was born in Moscow in June 1975. Boris is studying for his B.A. in Archaeology, but his job is a caving -canyons guide, so Boris represents the acrobats on our team.

Dana Katz - Area Supervisor (Season 2008)

Dana was born in a hot summer day in the city of Tel-Aviv. In attempt to run away from the humidity of Tel-Aviv during summer she joined the Ramat-Rahel expedition in Jerusalem. She's a teacher and an MA student of archaeology and geography in Tel Aviv University.