Art and Archaeology:
The Preservation of the Site

Mazar and Stekelis's Excavations

M. Cohen
1957 On Stone Capitals from Ramat Rahel. Yediot 13: 83-86 (Hebrew).

B. Meisler (Mazar)
1935 Ramat Rahel and Kh. Sallah. Qovetz Ha'Hevrah 3: 4-18 (Hebrew).

M. Stekelis
1935 Jewish Burial Caves at Ramat Rahel. Qovetz Ha'Hevrah 3: 19-40 (Hebrew).

Publications of Aharoni's Excavations

Y. Aharoni
1954     Excavations at Ramat Rahel. Yediot 19: 147-174 (Hebrew)
1955     A Note on the Excavations at Ramat Rahel. Yediot 20: 44-47 (Hebrew)
1956     Excavations at Ramat Rahel, 1954: Preliminary Report. IEJ 6: 102–111, 135–137.
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Y. Aharoni et al.
1962      Excavations at Ramat Rahel 1, Seasons 1959 and 1960. Roma.
1964      Excavations at Ramat Rahel 2, Seasons 1961 and 1962. Roma.

L. Kadman
1955      Notes to the Ramat Rahel Excavations Article. Yediot 20: 47-48 (Hebrew).
1973      Hadashot Arkheologiot 4: 6-7.
1973      Hadashot Arkheologiot 5: 2-5.

Publications about Aharoni's Excavations
S. Ben-Horin
1955      Yediot 20: 48-51.

F.M. Cross Jr.
1969      Judean Stamps. EI 9: 20–27.

S. Geva
1981      The Painted Shred of Ramat Rahel. IEJ 31: 186–189.

A. Lemaire
1977     Inscription Hebraiques Tome I Les Ostraca. Paris: 258–259.

N. Na'aman
2001     An Assyrian Residence at Ramat Rahel? Tel Aviv 28: 260–281.

R. Reich
2003      On Assyrian Presence at Ramat Rahel. Tel Aviv 30: 124–130.

Y. Shiloh
1976      New Proto-Aeolic Capitals Found in Israel. BASOR 222: 67–77.

E. Stern
1971      Seal-Impressions in the Achaemenid Style in the Province of Judah. BASOR 202:

Y. Yadin
1973      City of the House of the Ba'al. Eretz Shomron. Jerusalem: 52-66 (Hebrew).

Publications of the Tel-Aviv - Heidelberg Project
O. Lipschits
     Ein Privatsiegelabdruck aus Ramat Rahel. in: Kottsieper, I., Schmitt, R., and
               Wörle, J. (eds.). Berührungspunkte. Studien zur Sozial- und Religionsgeschichte
               Israels und seiner Umwelt. Festschrift für Rainer Albertz zu seinem 65.
               Geburtstag (AOAT 350). Münster: 491-498
     The Time and Origin of the Volute-Capitals from Judah, Moab and Ammon.
               Cathedra (Hebrew).
in press RAMAT-RACHEL. The New Encyclopedia Judaica.
in press RAMAT-RAHEL. The New Interpreters Dictionary of the Bible.

O. Lipschits and Y. Gadot
     Ramat Rachel and the Emeq Rephaim sites - Links and interpretations. in: Amit,
               D. and Stiebel, G.D. (eds.). New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and its
               Religion, Collected Papers, vol. II. Jerusalem: 88-96.
forthcoming Further Thoughts on Ramat Rahel and its surroundings at the End of the Iron
               Age and during the Persian Period. Tel-Aviv

O. Lipschits and M. Oeming
2006      Palast der Könige Judas und eines der ältesten Marienheiligtümer der Welt.
       Welt und Umwelt der Bibel: 64-65.

O. Lipschits, M. Oeming and Y. Gadot
forthcoming    Tieferes Verstehen Die Epistemologie der Archäologie am Beispiel der
                         Ausgrabung von Ramat Rahel (Jerusalem) reflektiert. Trumah.

O. Lipschits, M. Oeming, Y. Gadot, B. Arubas and G. Cinamon
2006      Ramat Rahal 2005. Israel Exploaration Journal 56: 227–235.

     Ramat Rahel 2005. Hadashot Arkheologiyot 118 (Internet edition). (Hebrew) (English)

O. Lipschits, M. Oeming, Y. Gadot and B. Arubas
     The 2006 and 2007 Excavation Seasons in Ramat Rahel. Israel Exploration
     Journal 59: 1-20 (download PDF format)

O. Lipschits, M. Oeming, Y. Gadot and D.S. Vanderhoof
     Four New Yehud Stamp Impressions Found in the Renewed Excavations at
      Ramat Rahel. Tel-Aviv 34 (1): 74–89.
     24 New Yehud Stamp Impressions from the 2007 Excavation Season at Ramat-
     Rahel. Maarav 15: 7-25, 97-100

O. Lipschits and D.S. Vanderhoof
forthcoming    40 Unpublished Stamp Impressions from Aharoni's Excavations at Ramat
                      Rahel. Eretz Israel (Ephraim Stern's volume). (Hebrew).

O. Lipschits, O.Sergi and I. Koch
 The Date of the lmlk and 'Private' Stamp Impressions: A Fresh Look.
                      Tel Aviv.

A.M. Scheneider
1934 Die Kaismakirche auf Chirbet Abu Brek. JPOS 14: 230 ff.

R. Von Reiss
1889 ZDPV 12: 19–23 ff