Art and Archaeology:
The Preservation of the Site

Call for Volunteers - August 2010

Excavation Through the Bible at
Ramat Rahel – Jerusalem, Israel

Dig with Scholars and Volunteers from around the World

The Ramat Rahel Archaeological Project is a joint project to Tel Aviv University (Israel) and to Heidelberg University (Germany) joining scholars from Israel, Germany, and USA. This is an international scientific project combining people from all over the world. During the last five years our team members came from Canada, the U.S.A., Argentina, U.K., Norway, Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Tunisia, China, India, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Greece and other countries. From these nations came a lot of team members aged 14 to 77, who just came to enjoy a special experience of digging through biblical history at Ramat Rahel.

We also had many students who came to study the history and the archaeology of the region and who received academic credit for doing so. The Ramat Rahel Archaeological project involves more than just excavations. The team members joining us from all over the world undergo rich and transforming experiences, combining archaeological fieldwork, visits to the holy city of Jerusalem, tours in beautiful Israel, academic lectures, and many social activities. During the dig, we all live in the four-star hotel at Ramat Rahel, with its fine air conditioned rooms, large pool, sport center, Jacuzzi, sauna, and spa. We enjoy full board accommodations with three meals a day at the hotel’s restaurant, food breaks with coffee and cakes, and an excavation bar providing 24 hours of internet services.

The 2009 excavation season in Ramat Rahel was very successful, and contributed a lot for our understanding of the history of the site and for the history of the land! However, some questions remained with no answers, we left some areas where we didn't finish the excavations and while processing the data, we felt that in some points we need some more clarifications. Therefore we have decided to go back to the site for a short and concentrated season, in order to do some final excavations before concluding the whole project. During this last excavation season of 2010 we will enjoy everyday fieldwork for two weeks.

We wake up early to work and begin digging as the sun rises over Jerusalem. At 9:00 we gather for wonderful Israeli breakfast served on the beautiful hilltop of Ramat Rahel, eating the best food served at a dig and enjoying the breathtaking view of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Afterwards, we continue digging until noon and then gather for a “pottery wash” where we handle pottery, looking for seal impressions and ancient inscriptions. During the afternoons, the volunteers enjoy the hotel facilities, resting at the pool or shopping in Jerusalem. During the afternoons and the evenings we listen to academic lectures, take tours of Jerusalem and its museums, attend discussions of the finds of the day, and celebrate parties in the bar!

Students interested in academic credits can join one or more of the three academic courses.

The Two-week period of digging extends from August 15th to 28th, 2010.
We will excavate all along these 14 days without a break in the weekend.
Participants can register only for the entire period.

Weekly fee per person, covering full board, use of all hotel facilities (pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, and alternative health treatments | the latter two for an additional fee):
Hostel lodging (in 4-star facility):

One person in a double room: 650$ per week
One person in a single room: 923$ per week
3 persons in one room: 601$ per person per week
4 persons in one room: 573$ per person per week
One person in a double room-Hostel, Full Board: 538$ per person per week.
One person in a single room-Hostel, Full Board: 727$ per week.

The price includes:
Participation in the dig, full room and board (including 3 meals a day at the hotel restaurant and twice a day coffee and cake break), 24-hours coffee-tea and Internet services, use of the hotel facilities (pool etc.), two academic lectures, evening tours at Jerusalem (including the city museums), afternoons archaeological programs and social activities.

The price does not include:
Flights to and from Israel, transportation within Israel, insurance, weekend (Saturday) tour—up to $50 per person.

For further information about program and registration, contact:
Our project administrator, Omer Sergey.
To register, please fill out the application form at the Ramat Rahel Hotel Website.