About The Center

Now joined to Sagol School of Neurosience

Director (2006-2014): Prof. Illana Gozes

Tel Aviv University is divided academically and administratively into nine Faculties that cover many areas of learning. The Faculties are further divided into Schools and Departments that provide studies and research programs in the different academic disciplines. In addition, there are Centers and Institutes which are mainly research-oriented frameworks within the other administrative units.

TAU has decided to encourage multi-disciplinary programs and institutes, bringing together the research capabilities of different departments and focusing them on problems of major interest in today's academic world. One of these is the Adams Super Center for Brain Studies providing an umbrella for research activity in the neurosciences and encouraging collaboration by faculty members from different disciplines.

The Adams Super Center was established in 1993.

Former directors:

Prof. David Horn
Prof. Nava Zisapel

Academic Activity

The Adams Super Center has the leading coordinating position in Neurosciences at Tel Aviv University. Its activities are directed towards the following tasks and missions:

  • Enhance and Support Initiation and Development of New Emerging Fields in Neuroscience through: Funding of pilot research projects.

  • Enhance Collaborative Neuroscience Research Efforts among Members through:
    1. Initiate and participate in academic management of neuroscience research centers at TAU.
    2. Sponsoring colloquia centered on themes involving Center members from different scientific disciplines and approaches.
    3. Funding of collaborative research programs.

  • Improve Communication Regarding Research in field of specialization through:
    1. Sponsoring individual research presentations.
    2. Publication of notices of relevant seminars at the university and collaborating institutions.
    3. Abstracts of publications, presentations, and theses of projects performed at Tel Aviv University through its home page.
    4. Bulletin board services regarding needs for specialized facilities, personnel , or other expertise.

  • Enhance Graduate Education in Neurosciences:
    1. Solicit and administer graduate and post-graduate (masters, doctoral and post-doctoral) stipends and fellowships for students enrolled in the Tel Aviv University program in Neurosciences.
    2. Develop a coordinate graduate Neurosciences program.
    3. Identify additional teaching and research expertise among members in the faculties and affiliated institutions (hospitals and research institutes).

  • Enhance Undergraduate and Graduate Education in Neuroscience:
    1. Identify and administer stipends to support excellent students in the undergraduate program.
    2. Facilitate interactions among faculties for the benefit of the undergraduate program in Neuroscience.
    3. Promote short-term research projects for undergraduate students within member departments.

  • Support and Expand Community Outreach Activities:
    1. Facilitate interactions between members and the community through a web page.
    2. Establish and administer access to biomedical research equipment by qualified investigators at other institutions.
    3. Support scientific conferences in the files.
    4. Increase awareness of the public to scientific contributions made by members.

Academic Affiliations

Following is a list of the Faculties and Departments of TAU that collaborate with the Super Center.