Director (2006-2014):
Illana Gozes, Ph.D


  • 1969-1972 B.Sc. (1973), Tel Aviv University, Biology, Life Sciences
  • 1973-1978 Ph.D. (1979) Feinberg Graduate School, Weizmann Institute of Science
  • 1979-1980 Postdoctoral Fellow - Laboratory of Neuroendocrine Regulation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • 1981-1982 Research Associate, Visiting Scientist - Behavioral Neurobiology, The Salk Institute, The Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation

Academic and Professional Experience:

  • 2014- present Chair, The Eldee Foundation and the Bloomfield Family Supported McGill- Tel Aviv University Collaboration in Brain Research.
  • 2012- present Animal Behavior Committee Tel Aviv University.
  • 2011-2015 Member Senate representative Tel Aviv University.
  • 2007-2009 Head, Unit of Clinical Biochemistry, Department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry, Sackler Faculty of Medicine
  • 2006-2014 Director - The Adams Super Center for Brain Studies, The Levie- Edersheim-Gitter Institute for Functional Brain Imaging, Tel Aviv University
  • 2004-2013 Head, The Dr. Diana and Zelman, Elton (Elbaum) Laboratory for Molecular Neuroendocrinology - Tel Aviv University, Sackler Faculty of Medicine
  • 2003-2004 Adjunct Scientist - NICHD, NIH link to NIH
  • 2004-2013 Chief Scientific Officer, Director; Chair, Scientific, Adv. Board (consultant) - Allon Therapeutics Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 2003-2004 Chief Scientific Officer, Vice Chair of the Board, interim CEO (summer 2004), Chair, Scientific Adv. Board - Allon Therapeutics, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA
  • 2001-2003 Co-Founder, Chief Executive Scientist, Chair of the Board - Allon Therapeutics, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA
  • 1998-2002 Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Head, International Advisory Committee; Member, Committee of the Medical School Heads (-2000) - Tel Aviv University
  • 1997-present The Lily and Avraham Gildor Chair for the Investigation of Growth Factors, Tel Aviv University
  • 1995-1996 Scholar-in-Residence - Fogarty International Center, NIH
  • 1994-1995 Chairperson - Clinical Biochemistry Dept., Tel Aviv University
  • 1993- present Professor of Clinical Biochemistry - Tel Aviv University
  • 1993-1994 Chairperson Preclinical - Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University
  • 1993-1994 Chairperson, Chemical Path. Dept. - Tel Aviv University
  • 1989- 2002 Visiting Scientist Invited Guest Scientist (Summers) - Developmental Neurobiology, NICHD,NIH
  • 1990-1993 Associate Professor - Chemical Path. Dept., Tel Aviv University
  • 1989-1990 Visiting Scientist - Lab. Developmental Neurobiol. NICHD, NIH
  • 1988-1989 Sabbatical - Lab. Molecular Genetics, NICHD, NIH
  • 1987-1989 Associate Professor, Hormone Research, Weizmann Institute of Science
  • 1982-1987 Senior Scientist - Hormone Research, Weizmann Institute of Science

Prizes and Awards (Honors):

  • 1977 Landau Prize (Miphal Ha-pais) For Tel Aviv, Israel. Excellent Ph.D. Thesis.
    Katzir Fellowship. Rehovot, Israel
  • 1978 European Molecular Biology Organization Fellowship, Heidelberg, Germany
  • 1978-1979 Chaim Weizmann Postdocotoral Fellowship
  • 1982-1984 Jewish Agency Award. Jerusalem, Israel
  • 1982-1985 The Bergmann Memorial Fund Research Prize for excellent US-Israel Binational Science Foundation grant application
  • 1983-1989 The first incumbent of Samuel O. Freedman Career Development Chair, Weizmann Institute of Science
  • 1991 The Juludan Prize for outstanding research achievement
  • 1992 The Israeli Society for Clinical Biochemistry, Best poster award
  • 1993 The Israeli Society for Clinical Biochemistry, best posters awards (shared with R. Glazer and Dr. G. Lilling)
    Teva Founders Prize for opening new horizons in medical research in Israel (shared with Prof. M. Fridkin)
  • 1995 Fogarty International Scholarship NIH
  • 1997 The Israeli Society for Clinical Biochemistry, best posters awards (shared with A. Davidson, M. Bassan and R. Zamostiano) The Lily and Avraham Gildor Chair for the Investigation of Growth Factors, Tel Aviv University
  • 2000 Best scientist award, the Israeli Society for Laboratory Studies
  • 2000-2003 The Neufeld Grant Award for excellent US-Israel Binational Science Foundation
    grant application
  • 2003 Excellent poster award The 6th International Symposium on VIP, PACAP and Related Peptides (with Inna Divinski, Hakone, Japan)
  • 2003/2004 Best student manuscript, Brain Research (Dr. Albert Pinhasov, USA)
    SAIA Doctoral Prize and Scholarship Fund for HIV and Parkinson's Diseases Research, Tel Aviv University
  • 2004/2005 Dan David Scholarship, Shmuel Mandel, Tel Aviv University
  • 2005 Buchmann Doctoral Scholarship Fund, Inna Vulih-Shultzman
  • 2006-2008 Levi Eshkol Fellowship, Natalia Shiryaev
  • 2006 Boaz Moav Prize for Develop. Biology, Switzerland Inst at Tel Aviv University, Shmuel Mandel
  • 2007 Poster Award (Yan Jouroukhin) and Scholarship (Shmuel Mandel), ILMAR
  • 2008 Best Applied Research Scientist at Tel Aviv University for 2007
  • 2009 The Fleur Strand Award for the 2009 Neuropeptide Festival for outstanding research on VIP and related peptides. Salzburg, Austria
  • 2011 Recipient of the Gayle A. Olson and Richard D. Olson Prize for the most meritorious original research article on the behavioral effects of peptides published in Peptides in 2010. $2000
  • 2013 Recipiet of the Meitner-Humblodt Research Award (Euro 60,000).
  • 2014 Recipiet of the Landau Prize for Life Dcience ($ 30,000) .

Professional Activities:

  • 1979-present Member of the Society of Neuroscience, USA
  • 1981-preseat Member of the New York Academy of Sciences (by invitation)
  • 1984-present Member of the Israeli Society for Endocrinology
  • 1987-present Member of the International Society of Developmental Neuroscience
  • 1987-1988 Member of the Scientific Counsel of the Weizmann Institute of Science
  • 1987- Editorial Board of the Journal of Molecular Neuroscience (Birkhauser Boston Inc. Publishers, as of 1992, published by Humana Press) USA, merged with Springer, 2007
  • 1998- Editor, the Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, Human Press
  • 2002- present, Editor-in-Chief - Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, Human Press/Springer
  • 1992-present Member-the Israeli Society for Clinical Biochemistry, now ILMAR (appointed member of the fund for advancement of clinical chemistry in Israel - 1993)
  • 1992-1995 Sackler Faculty officer in-charge of the radioactive safety
  • 1992-1996 Member, search and new appointments committee, Sackler School of Medicine
  • 1992-1997 Member-Scientific Committee of the Institute for Molecular Medicine, Sackler Faculty of Medicine
  • 1993- Member-the European Neuroendocrine Association
  • 1993-1996 Member-"Ramot-Tel Aviv University" Fund for Research
  • 1994 Ad Hoc committee for absorption of scientists - new immigrants "The Israeli Ministry for Science and the Arts
  • 1995-present Member of the International Society for Neurochemistry
  • 1997 Ad Hoc committee for prizes of excellence for the Biennial Doris Cecilia Levy Memorial Seminar in Brain Research
    International Committee for the determination of VIP and PACAP receptor nomenclature
  • 1997-1999 Member of the committee of the Israeli Neuroscience Society
  • 1997-2001 Member Tel Aviv University Senate committee for Masters Degrees
  • 1998-present Member, scientific advisory board: the Institute for the study of aging, NY, USA
  • 2001-present Executive guest editor: Current Pharmaceutical Design Co-Chair Summer Neuropeptide Conference
  • 1998-2002 Member of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine: 1. Research and development; 2. Graduate school committee
  • 1998-present Co-Director (with Dr. J.P. Schwartz): NIH-Tel Aviv University/Israel Graduate Program in Women Health Studies
  • 1999-2003 Sackler Faculty pre-clinical appointments and promotion committee
  • 2000-2003 Member of the Clore Scholars Board
  • 2002 Tel Aviv University Senate Committee for postdoctoral fellows
    Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Grants Committee
  • 2003-present Secretary General, the European Neuropeptide Club (ENC)
  • 2003 Selection committee for Gotlieb Award (ISOA, NY, USA) VIP and Related Peptide, Scientific Advisory Committee
  • 2003-2004 Member, Winter Neuropeptides Steering Committee (USA)
  • 2004-present Editorial Board, American Journal of Alzheimers Research and other Dementias (USA) International Advisory Committee, the VIP PACAP and Related Peptides
  • 2005 Member of the Ad Hoc Committee for application of patent laws, Tel Aviv University
  • 2005-2006 Member, Scientific Advisory Committee: The United State Israel Binational Science Foundation
  • 2005-present Editorial Board, Peptides, Elsevier
    Editorial Board, Peptide Research and Therapeutics
  • 2006 Board member: Drug discovery, development & delivery for chronic neurodegenerative disease: a course for academics and biotechnology scientists-Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation (NY, USA)
  • 2006- Member, Tel Aviv University Board of Governors Tel Aviv University Committee
    for women issues
    Professioral Chairs Committee, Sackler Faculty of Medicine
  • 2007 Member, University Search Committee for the Dean of Life Sciences
  • 2007-2008 President Elect - Israel Society for Neuroscience
  • 2008-2010 President - Israel Society for Neuroscience
  • 2010- Chair, the Tel Aviv Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.
  • 2010-2011 Past President - Israel Society for Neuroscience
  • 2011 Member, Senate Representative Tel Aviv University Senate Governing Committee
    Member, EMET Prize selection committee (physiology – life science)
  • 2012 Member, selection committee: Israel Brain Prize, Member, Israel Alzheimer’s Association Committee
  • 2013 Invited: Expert evaluator Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI): Brussels, Belgium
  • 2014 Israel representative of the Brain Bee International Competition
  • 2014-15 Chair Progream Committee, the European Society for Neurosience Meeting 2015 (Estonia)