Unit of Culture Research

In cooperation with the Porter School of Environmental Studies

Identity and Environmental Action Laboratory


MA theses (completed)

2011. Noam Zaradez, Professional Identity of Environmental School Teachers in Israel.

2011. Lara Paran, Dynamics of Local Environmental Struggle: Structural and Cultural Aspects (with Prof. Isaak Omer, The Department of Geography and the Human Environment).

2012. Keren Yavetz, Enchanted by the Garden: Women Leading Community Gardens Activity in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (with Professor Tovi Fenster, The Departm2012

2014. Elana Erez, Examination of Processes of Public Participation in Declaring Biospheric Spaces (with Dr. Uri Sheines, Haifa University).

2014. Idit Alhasid, Changes of recycling habits as related to local communities’ identities: South Tel Aviv Communities as cases in point.


MA theses (in progress)

Mor Shavsha, Characteristics and motivations of second hand clothing consumption in Israel: Aspects of identity and their link to pro-environment attitudes

Efrat Bar, Public participation in Marine Protected Areas in Israel

Shahar Shiloah, Professional and inter-generational gaps in environmental approaches in a Kibbutz society (with Dr. Ina Lakin, Sociology, The Open University Israel).

Liat Daudi, Orthodox women’s identities and environmental attitudes (with Dr. Daniel Mishori, Porter School of Cultural Studies).

Efrant Moses, Veganism and environmental identity (with Dr. Daniel Mishori, Porter School of Cultural Studies).


PhD dissertation (in progress)

Noam Zaradez, Environmental Education Manpower in Israel – Between Formal and Informal frameworks (with Prof. Tali Tal of the Department of Education in Science and Technology at the Technion.

Idit Alhasid, Household Waste Disposal Habits and Identities in Local Communities; Two south communities as a Case Study: Local Council of Yeruham and Ramat Hanegev Regional Council.