Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis Index

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The following images are present:

  1. Normal coronary artery, microscopic
  2. Atherosclerosis, mechanisms for development, diagram
  3. Mild coronary atherosclerosis, microscopic
  4. Severe calcific coronary atherosclerosis, microscopic
  5. Coronary atherosclerosis, cross sections, gross
  6. Coronary atherosclerosis, plaque with thrombus, microscopic
  7. Coronary atherosclerosis with thrombosis, microscopic
  8. Severe coronary atherosclerosis, gross
  9. Coronary atherosclerosis with hemorrhage into plaque, gross
  10. Coronary thrombosis, gross
  11. Coronary thrombosis, gross
  12. Coronary thrombosis, microscopic
  13. Acute myocardial infarction, gross
  14. Acute myocardial infarction, gross
  15. Remote myocardial infarction, gross
  16. Left ventricular aneurysm, gross
  17. Aorta, lipid streaks, gross
  18. Aorta, lipid streaks, gross
  19. Aortas with mild, moderate, and severe atherosclerosis, gross
  20. Aorta, atheromatous plaque, medium power microscopic
  21. Aorta, atheromatous plaque, high power microscopic
  22. Aorta, atheromatous plaque, high power microscopic
  23. Aorta, atherosclerotic aneurysm, gross
  24. Aorta, atherosclerotic aneurysm, gross
  25. Renal hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis, microscopic
  26. Renal arterial fibrinoid necrosis with malignant hypertension, microscopic
  27. Renal hyaline arteriolosclerosis with diabetes mellitus, microscopic
  28. Monckeberg's medial calcific arteriosclerosis, microscopic
  29. GIF animation of pulmonary thromboembolus, diagram
  30. Pulmonary thromboembolus, gross
  31. Pulmonary thromboembolus, gross
  32. Pulmonary thromboembolus, gross
  33. Pulmonary thromboembolus, microscopic
  34. Pulmonary thromboembolus, microscopic
  35. Recent thrombus with lines of Zahn, microscopic
  36. Hemorrhagic pulmonary infarction, gross
  37. Hemorrhagic pulmonary infarction, gross
  38. Platelet, electron micrograph
  39. Hypercoagulable states, table
  40. Petechial hemorrhages, epicardium, gross
  41. Ecchymoses, skin of arm, gross
  42. Hematoma, toenail, gross
  43. Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (DIC), fibrin thrombus in lung, high power microscopic
  44. Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (DIC), fibrin thrombi with fibrin stain, glomerulus, high power microscopic

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