The Role of Magnetic Monopoles in Physics

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As of today, a monopole has not been detected in experiment. Hence, a monopole theory is based on theoretical assumptions. Consider the following assumptions:
  1. Electromagnetic fields of a monopole are identical to electromagnetic fields of a charge.
  2. A charge-monopole theory should be derived from the variational principle and the charge-monopole duality relationship.
It turns out that assumption A leads to theories that are plagued with inconsistencies. By contrast, assumption B enables the construction of a consistent promising theory. More details can be found below.

The issues discussed on this page are written for physicists. Other readers may read the second item. The first item shows a review article published in the literature. Beginners may skip it and study the other items first.

  1. A Review Article.
  2. Preface.
  3. For reading a short proof of erroneous properties of the presently accepted monopole theories click here.
  4. An Introductory Review.
  5. The Logic of the Regular Charge-Monopole Theory.

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  7. E. Comay, Nuovo Cimento 110B, 1347 (1995). The same charge-monopole theory derived without using a Lagrangian density.

  8. For reading a review article demonstrating the overwhelming advantage of the Regular Charge-Monopole Theory over QCD click here

  9. A Regular Monopole Theory and Its Application to Strong Interactions (Published in Has the Last Word been Said on Classical Electrodynamics? (Rinton Press, NJ, 2004)).

  10. Other Articles Pointing Out Flaws in Dirac's Monopole Theory.

  11. Articles Predicting the Failure of the Current Quest for Monopoles.