Current Research Topics

2DEG: mesoscopic quantum effects

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Two dimensional electron gas at the interface between LAO and STO in collaboration with the group of Prof. Y. Dagan. We have observed anisotropic magnetoresistance, Shubnikov oscillations and anomalic behaviour of Hall effect. (articles containing results of studies in this field are below) The conductance quantization in InAs wires, Aharonov Bohm effect in InAs rings. The latter project is a collaboration with Prof. Heiblum, Prof. O. Entin and Prof. A. Aharony

1. Shubnikov-De Haas Oscillations in SrTiO3-LaAlO3 Interface

2. Phase coherent transport in SrTiO3-LaAlO3 interfaces

3. Tuning spin-orbit coupling and superconductivity at the SrTiO3LaAlO3 interface

4. Anomalous magneto-transport at the superconducting interface;

The special attention is paid to the electron bands structure and the vacancies (oxigen vacancies usually) behavior on the ceramics interfaces. This study is extended to the holes-rich materials/STO bi-layers and Ar+ irradiated STO quasi- 2DEG objects.

Prof. Y. Dasgan group homepage

Prof M. Heiblum homepage

Magneto-optical studies

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Polar Kerr effect measurements for investigation of the ferrromagnet-superconductor bilayers and other systems in collaboration with the group of Prof. A. Kapitulnik from Stanford University. (The system at TAU is currently under construction.

Several articles are below:

1. Polar Kerr effect as probe for time-reversal symmetry breaking in unconventional superconductors

2. Inverse Proximity Effect in Superconductor-Ferromagnet Bilayer Structures;

In additional the investigation of granular and heterostractures under induced lighting are planed.

Prof. A. Kapitulnik homepage

Ferromagnet-superconductor granular systems

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Investigation of structural and transport properties of Ni/Pb films, this work is a continuation of Cu/Pb grunular structures investigations made in the lab before. (At present step we use the same superconductor but the normal metal is replaced by the ferromagnet).

Appropriate articles are below.

Proximity effect in granular superconductor/normal metal structures

"Majorana" wires

example graphic This is a newly emerged field. Our research is in collaboration with the scientists from WIS (Prof. Heiblum, Dr. H. Shtrikman, Prof. Y. Oreg and Prof. Y. Imry), which started one year ago, articles for example:

1. Interplay of Disorder and Interaction in Majorana Quantum wires (PRL 109, 146403),

2. Zero bias conductance peak in Majorana wires made... (arXiv:1204.3085v3 14 Nov 2012),

3. Phase diagrams of a p-wave superconductor inside a mesoscopic disc-shaped sample

4. Magnetoresistance Oscillations of Superconducting Al-Film Cylinders Covering InAs Nanowires below the Quantum Critical Point

"Majorana's wires", Nature Nanotechnology(2013)

Topological insulators

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This research is in collaboration with the Stanford University (group of Prof. A. Kapitulnik ); selected articles are below:

1. High Quality Ultrathin Bi2Se3 Films on CaF2 and CaF2/Si by Molecular Beam Epitaxy with a Radio Frequency Cracker Cell;

2. Weak antilocalization and disorder-enhanced electron interactions in crystalline GeSbTe

Topological insulators today (Topological insulator news and research papers)