The lab facilities

Microfabrication facilities.

Clean room

Clean room is equipped with the tools necessary for the photolithography ("yellow room" , spinner, heater, Karl Suss MGB 3 mask aligner, microscope, chemical table with the exhaust, DI water, compressed nitrogen, glassware etc. Manual wedge bonder and oxygen plasma etcher. Dr. Victor Shelukhin is responsible for the maintenance of the clean room.

Sputtering system

The unique RF sputtering system is equipped with 3 magnetrons, where two of them can operate simultaniously for film co-deposition. Dr. Mihael Karpovski and Dr. Victor Shelukhin are responsible for the maintenance of the system.

E-beam evaporator

The E-beam evaporator (6KW dual source power supply, 2 e-guns (one of them with 4 pockets), Aluminum champer, cryo-pump, load-lock) is utilized for deposition of large variety of the metallic and insulating films. Dr. Mihael Karpovski is responsible for the maintenance of the evaporator.

He-4 cryostat

This measuring serup is a "working horse" of our lab. All the electrical measurenents down to 1.5K in temperature and with magnetic fields up to 6T are performed in this cryostat. Dr. Victor Shelukhin is responsible for its maintenance.

He3/He4 dilution refrigerator

This is more complicated for the operation system Which will cool the samples down to 50 mK. Currently Alik Palevski is responsible for its maintenance

Sagnac interferometer

This measuring set-up is utilized for magneto-optical measurements based on Kerr effect. Currently the system operates at room temperature. The setup is under construction to have a scanning capability and to operate at low temperatures.