More adept, more time wasted.

One of the undesirable aspects of most computer games is that the better you get at the game, the longer the game becomes. In games with countless levels we have to go through the lower levels again and again in order to get to those higher ones that present a real challenge, and that means more time spent. (And if we're on an off day and don't seem to be getting to those levels, the just one more game phenemenon sets in.) When we first start playing a game we find that within five minutes we're finished and can get back to what it is we were trying to do before our short time-out session. But as we learn the ropes and our playing improves, those five minutes turn into ten, and into fifteen, and soon, even playing one game can become incredibly time consuming. It's primarily for this reason that I've learned to prefer simple, single-level, games that can be played in a few minutes and permit me to quickly get back to work.

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