Community as Place

For this month's date link we turn to a date of personal significance, but a date that somehow also raises issues of what community is. On this date, after living in the same house for 45 years, my mother moved to what I guess is properly called a retirement home, vacating the house we grew up in, the house that, even though Libbe, Mark and I haven't lived in it for over 25 years (and more), remained for us an anchor, a point of focus, a hub from which our lives spoked out.

I've dialed the phone number that I've known longer than any other for the last time, addressed my last letter to 3909 Burnside Ave. (well, actually, since e-mail I haven't sent much to that address for quite a while anyway) and with the passing of that last thread of physical connection my relationship to that house has become fully virtual.

But of course it still remains a point of reference. The address and phone number will still call up associations, memories, links to innumerable events and ideas. 3909 has become a virtual hyperlink for me, and clicking on it immediately branches me out into a web of associations that is very much community.

And what about that title? Back in the sixties M.S. Arnoni (almost negligible web references) edited a journal by the name of A Minority of One. Sure, that phrase shows up a few hundred times, and I'm probably exposing my literary ignorance by not recognizing the true original, but my personal link for the title is an association to that journal of political dissent.

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