In cyberspace nobody know if it's really Tuesday.

Does anyone really care when I post these columns? It certainly doesn't matter, and if anyone actually follows the dates they can readily discern that once or twice I've even linked to online articles dated after the listed posting date. I doubt that anyone will sue me for a breach of truth in packaging.

But perhaps I should makes things clear: I try and post these columns on the date listed. Sometimes I succeed. Sometimes I choose the posting date because I think it's nice to give a particular date, or an event that took place on that particular date, its place in the sun.

If it's true that in cyberspace nobody knows that you're really a dog, we can pretty fairly assume that nobody checks whether you're being fully accurate (or honest) about your posting dates. But in case somebody checks and starts raising an eyebrow, I'll come clean: This column is being posted well after the listed date. Sorry. I wanted to give that date the attention it deserves. I'm sure my readers understand.

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