Linking memories to an address and phone number.

Both the address and the phone number show up numerous (though certainly not countless) times in various leaflets and flyers. Some of these are directed toward the Jewish community, some toward high school students, some toward whomever is willing to read them. Some are local, others national, such as the example here: one of the inside panels of a leaflet of the Radical Zionist Alliance of the early '70s. About 700 Jewish college students signed and mailed the flyer (I doubt that they all paid that dollar, but who really cares anymore).

Numerous examples exist in archives. Reading them isn't only a exercise in nostalgia, but also a glimpse into a particular political and cultural milieu.

It was in that way, among others, that 3909 became a focal point for community (another was Shabbat dinner, but that's a story that will wait for another opportunity to be told).

And we're always finding new connections to these memories, as we continually branch out into new, yet also old, links.


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