Giving me some breathing room

My desk, my shelves, my cabinets ... and I admit it, even my floors, are covered with papers that for one reason or another have been saved over the years. My digital files don't take up physical space, but they certainly do multiply. To put it rather bluntly, saving (some might call it hoarding) isn't a problem we encountered only when we became digital. Some might even claim that at least for a while we thought that digitality would free us from the problem of running out of space. And if we're willing to put out the money, to a large extent it does. Clutter, however, is a different issue. Though having everything stored on a hard drive (or on numerous hard drives, or in the cloud, or in numerous clouds) may make it seem that we're free from clutter, things still continue to pile up, and determining the best or most logical pile in which to save them is yet another reason why for me search beats filing by a long shot. I have three medium-to-large external drives with lots of items backed up. In addition, I'm constantly getting a message from Dropbox that my (free) account - substantially larger than the basic account - is close to being full. I can live with that. But when I started running out of room in my Google account which is filled primarily with my mail, the decision to devote $2 a month to expand the account to 100GB was an easy one to make. Simply not having to constantly check whether I was running out of space made life easier, or at least calmer.

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