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  The International Program



The Excellence Program

Every year the Buchmann-Mehta School of Music grants scholarships to excellent students of all years. This is in order to enable those students to dedicate all their time and effort to the development of their artistic abilities.

The scholarships are granted according to the following criteria:

1. Outstanding artistic achievements in the major subject (instrumental, vocal,
    conducting or composition)

2. Active participation in the symphony orchestra, the different chamber and vocal
nsembles, and the chamber choir.

3. Contribution to the school's activities

4. Financial hardship

During the academic year, the secretariat will distribute application forms for scholarships. Upon the full and accurate completion of the forms, the students are requested to submit them to the school office by the due date. Forms submitted after the advertised deadline will not be accepted. A special scholarships committee, chaired by the head of the school, will discuss the applications. The scholarships will be given after the end of the academic year.

"Special Status" students are eligible for support from the school. The procedure for submitting the applications are identical to those of regular students.

To download the excellence scholarship applying form press here


The Orchestral Training Program Scholarships

The Buchmann-Mehta School of Music's Orchestral Training Program allows 100 outstanding students, who fully participate in the orchestra's activities, to study under a full exemption from tuition fee.


The Adler-Buchmann Scholarships for International Students

The Adler-Buchmann International Program awards scholarships for outstanding international students of the Instrumental and Vocal departments,  including a full tuition fee and living expenses allowance. Eligibility for such scholarships depends on a high entrance score and lies in coordination with the school's needs. Partial scholarships are also available.


  1. The Scholarships conditions, criteria, candidate selection and the special activities required from each outstanding student participating in the program vary from one department to another. Specific terms and conditions for each department are published separately.
  2. All the terms and conditions must be satisfied in order to receive the scholarship. Failure to meet one of the requirements of the scholarship might lead to a disciplinary procedure against the receiver that could result in elimination of the scholarship and a demand to reimburse moneys that have already been paid.


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