Current lab members

(in order of appearance)

Dorothee Huchon (Principal investigator 2003-)
Short CV

Michal Hadas-Sason (Lab technician 2007-)

Erez Shpirer (MSc student 2013-)
Research subject: "Identification of nematocyst-restricted genes in Myxozoa"

Dayana Yahalomi (Phd student 2014-)
Research subject: "Evolution of Myxozoan mitochondrial genomes"

Hanan Arafat (MSc student 2014-)
Research subject: "The complete mitochondrial genome of Coeloplana loyai (Ctenophora, Platyctenida)"

Past lab members

(in order of disappearance)

Chagai Rot (MSc student 2003-2006)
Research subject: "The complete mitochondrial genome of the sponge Negombata magnifica ".
in collaboration with Micha Ilan.

Ophir Shneor (MSc student 2004-2007)
Research subject: "Migration waves of a Sylvia warbler (Sylvia atricapilata)".
in collaboration with Yoram Yom-Tov.

Sara Kinamon (Lab technician 2003-2007)

Tiratha Raj Singh (Post-doc student 2008-2009)
(Visiting student 2006-2008)
Research subject: "Mitochondrial gene rearangements".

Shani Blanga-Kanfi (Research Assistant 2007-2008)
Research subject: "Rodent phylogeny".

Itay Goldfarb (MSc student 2005-2009)
Research subject: "A new molecular marker to resolve basal Metazoa phylogeny".

Nir Ezra (MSc student 2007-2010)
Research subject: "Molecular phylogeny of the sponge order Poecilosclerida".

Naama Gil (MSc student 2008-2010)
Research subject: "Two novel molecular markers to elucidate sponge phylogeny".

Frida Belinky (Phd student 2006-2011)
Research subject: "Solving phylogenetic relationships within Metazoa: insertion/deletion analyses, sponge mitochondrial genomes, and a novel protein marker".

Amir Szitenberg (Phd student 2007-2013)
Research subject: "Phylogenetics, taxonomy and evolution of Tetillidae (Spirophorida, Porifera)".

Tamar Feldstein (Research Assistant 2007-2013)
Research subjects: "Sponge and Tunicate phylogeny"

Maya Spivak (MSc student 2009-2013)
Research subject: "A revision of the genus Crocidura in Israel"
in collaboration with Shai Meiri.

Moran Neuhof (Project student 2013-2014)
Research subject: "Analysis of the transcriptome of Kudoa iwatai"

Liran Dray (MSc student 2015-2016)
Research subject: "The complete mitochondrial genome of Rhopalaea idoneta (Tunicata, Diazonidae)"