Dorothée Huchon

I am a senior lecturer in
The Department of Zoology
George S. Wise Faculty of Life Sciences
Tel Aviv University,Tel Aviv 69978, Israel


Tel-Aviv Phone: 972-3-6409817
Tel-Aviv Fax: 972-3-6409403

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Research Interests:

Current research projects
Past collaborations
Molecular phylogenetics uses the information contained in DNA and proteins to study the evolutionary relationships among organisms.
My research interests concern various aspects of molecular phylogenetics. More specifically, my research interests involve:
1. Phylogeny: reconstructing evolutionary relationships among species by sequencing nuclear and mitochondrial genes.
2. Molecular evolution: large-scale genomic databases and high throughput sequencing projects combined with experimental approaches now allow us to get insights into genome evolution.
3. The use of discreet characters as phylogenetic markers: sequencing and analyzing genomic retrotransposons (SINES and LINES), and analysis of insertion and deletion characters in protein sequences in order to infer phylogenetic relationships.
4. Phylogeography: Understanding sequence variation at the species level, and its correlation with spatial variation.
5. Molecular dating: estimating molecular divergence dates and evaluating the congruence between molecular and paleontological data.


Lab members:

(in order of appearance)

Michal Hadas-Sason (Lab technician 2007-)

Tamar Feldstein (Research Assistant 2007-)
research: "Sponge and Tunicate phylogeny"

Maya Spivak (MSc student 2009-)
research subject: "Taxonomy and phylogeny of Israeli shrews "
in collaboration with Shai Meiri.

Erez Shpirer (MSc student 2013-)
research subject: "Identification of nematocyst-restricted genes in Myxozoa"

Dayana Yahalomi (Phd student 2014-)
research subject: "Evolution of Myxozoan mitochondrial genomes"

Past members

In Memoriam:

Diego (2006-2011) (Mascot of the lab)
research subject: "How to escape from a cage and eat PCR machine cables"

Non academic links:

picture of Nathan Pupko (my son) :)
picture of Emilie Pupko (my "big" daughter) :)
picture of Arielle Pupko (my "small" daughter) :)
picture of Daniel Pupko (my baby boy) :)