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Mission Statement


The scientific mission of the MDSRC, as stated on the initial agreement signed between the Minerva Foundation and Tel Aviv University on November 16, 1990 was to carry out "Interdisciplinary investigations of the geology, structure and physical processes taking place in the lithosphere of the Dead Sea Region" with the intention of advancing the exchange of experience and the cooperation between German and Israeli scientists in the field of Earth Sciences.

From its start, the MDSRC conducted scientific geological, geophysical and geochemical studies, becoming a focusing point for the collaboration of various groups from Israel and Germany. The Center emphasized the involvement of graduate students in these research programs.  In addition to the research activities, the funds of the Center are used to organize and sponsor conferences, seminars and workshops of a collaborative nature including scientists from the international community. The MDSRC provides an extensive, unique reference database for research related to the Dead Sea. The Center is also dedicated to the promotion of Dead Sea related science amongst decision makers and the general public.

The positive and unanticipated political development towards peace in the region widened the initial German-Israeli scientific cooperation; suddenly opening the door to exchanges between Israeli, German, Jordanian and Palestinian scientists.