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Postdoctoral Fellows

Abdallah Al-Zoubi Crustal structure of Jordan and the Dead Sea rift.
Michael Haschke Collisional processes in the eastern Mediterranean and the Andes.
Michael Lazar

 Ph.D. Students
Moshe Achmon Paleomagnetic and geophysical research of the Carmel fault zone.
Margaret Resnikov

Gravity over the south west Indian Ocean and South Africa: tectonic implication.

2000 Uri Basson Imaging of active fault zone in the Dead Sea rift: The Evrona fault zone as a case study.
Alexander Zock An investigation of the potential of multi-sensor imaging spectroscopy data for the analysis of natural
properties: a case study in the Dead Sea region.
2002 Birgitte Larsen The structural development of the Dead Sea basin from the interpretation of seismic data.
2002 Emanuele Lodolo The Magallanes-Fagnano continental transform fault: A major segment of South America-Scotia plate boundary.
2004 Freddy Aldersons Three-dimensional crustal structure of the Dead Sea by local earthquake tomography.
2004 Michael Lazar Tectonic processes along the northern edges of pull-apart basins in the Dead Sea Rift: A case study from the northern Dead Sea.
2005 Shachak Pe’eri Modeling current salt uplift and induced deformation of Mt. Sodom within the southern Dead Sea basin.
2005 Uri Schattner
Structural framework of the Levant basin, eastern Mediterranean and its interaction with the Dead Sea fault system.

M.Sc. Students

Michael Lazar Comparison of atmospheric corrections for "CASI" hyperspectral images - Lake Kinneret.
Eitan Haddok
Magnetic and seismic survey of hydrothermal saline springs in Lake Kinneret - a case study.
Ido Miran Combining magnetometry and 3-D Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) imaging for archeological mapping in Caesarea, Israel
2002 Arik Zurieli Substructure and tectonic modeling of the southern Lake Kinneret Basin.
2002 Yoav Lehahn Suspended sediments in the eastern Mediterranean using remote sensing methods.
2004 Vicky Ilin The bathymetry of the continental shelf ooff northern Israel using the hyperspectral CASI sensor.
2004 Tal Goldstein Lake floor craters in the northwestern part of Lake Kinneret - structure evolution and relation to water flow.
2004 Anat Kedem Gas hydrate occurrence along active vs passive margins.
2004 Carmi Zion
Evaluation of earthquake induced landslides hazard in the east lower Galilee and Tiberias vicinity.
2004 Julia Kurpan Discrimination of seismic events from Israel recorded by the Israel Seismic Network.