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Reuven Tsur

Poetic Rhythm: Structure and Performance
An Empirical Study in Cognitive Poetics
Revised and expanded edition

(published by Sussex Academic Press)

Chapters 2-10 of this book discuss actual performances of poetic passages. On this site you may listen to the readings discussed, by clicking on their icons. You may download these sound files (make sure you download both the page and the sound files; then open the page with your browser). The Chapter The Argument offers a synopsis of the book.

Table of Contents

Personal Preface
The Argument
1. Perception-Oriented Theory of Metre
2. Cognitive Assumptions: Simplicity and Multilevel Information Processing
3. The Empirical Rationale
4. Caesura
5. Consecutive Stresses

Part I
Part II
Part III
6. Stress Maxima in Weak Positions
7. Enjambment
8. Bisyllabic Occupancy of Metrical Position
9. Timing, Structure, Musical Key
The Darwin-Donovan Experiment
10. Excursus on Hungarian Poetry

11. Phonetic Cues and Dramatic Function

12. Stress Maximum in the Fifth Position

13. The Structure and Delivery Style of Milton's Verse

Part I
Part II
Part III
14 Metricalness and Rhythmicalness

Appendix I: The Interdisciplinary Perspective: Impressionism, Reductionism, Cognitive Poetics
Appendix II: Verse Lines Containing Stress Maxima in Weak Positions

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