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Teachers, please search in the sectional demonstration list, mark the selected one(s) and by clicking on the [SUBMIT] button, your request will be send as an email to the demo lab staff.  If you need a confirmation, please indicate it in the comments window.
In some of the demonstrations visual description you will find an icon - - that will link to an applet or other useful resources.

Please use the Hebrew version for demo reservation - להזמנת הדגמות השתמש בבקשה בגרסה העברית

English Version - Under Construction



Hebrew Version - הגירסה העברית


Download Mechanics WORD document

Download Mechanics PDF document


Electricity and Magnetism

Download Electricity and Magnetism  WORD document

Download Electricity and Magnetism  PDF document

חשמל ומגנטיות

Waves,Light and Optics

Download Oscilations and Waves WORD document

Download Oscilations and Waves PDF document

גלים, אור ואופטיקה

Fluid Mechanics - Liquids and Gases

Download Liquids and Gases WORD document

Download Liquids and Gases PDF document

(נוזלים וגזים (חום וחומרים

Analytic mechanics

מכניקה אנליטית

Modern Physics

פיסיקה מודרנית

Short films and movies

Download Films and short movies WORD list

Download Films and short movies PDF list

רשימת סרטים וסרטונים קצרים

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שמחה שגב

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ויקטור קרופניק , שמעון וקנין

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School of Physics and Astronomy

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Faculty of Excact Sciences

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