Ruth A. Berman
Linguistic Department, Tel-Aviv University

Graduate Research Supervision (Tel Aviv University unless specified)


Doctoral Dissertations

1985      Rabinowitch, Shoshana -- Hebrew-language proficiency of English-Hebrew bilingual children compared with their monolingual peers [in Hebrew]

1988     Ravid, Dorit -- Transient and fossilized phenomena in inflectional morphology: Varieties of spoken Hebrew across age-groups and backgrounds

1992     Faingold, Eduardo -- Emergent systems of phonology: Child language, creolization and historical change

1994     Katzenberger, Irit -- Cognitive, linguistic, and developmental factors in the narration of picture series [in Hebrew]

2001     Segal, Michal -- Form-function relations in the expression of narrative evaluation across adolescence [in Hebrew]

2002     Ben-David, Avivit -- Language acquisition and phonological theory: Development of segmental and prosodic phonology in Hebrew -- with O.Bat-El [in Hebrew]

2003     Schleifer, Michal -- The development of written text production of native Israeli and Ethiopian schoolchildren and adolescents: Linguistic and socio-cultural perspectives

2004     Sandbank, Ana -- Writing narrative texts: A crosslinguistic and developmental study -- with L. Tolchinsky

2005     Uziel-Karl, Sigal -- A multidimensional perspective on the acquisition of verb-argument structure in Hebrew child grammar

2006     Kupersmitt, Judy -- Temporality in texts: A crosslinguistic study of form-function relations in narrative and expository discourse [Bar Ilan University]

2007     Kaplan, Dafna -- Morpho-syntactic knowledge and comprehension of written narrative and expository texts across childhood and adolescence -- with D. Ravid [in Hebrew]

2008     Nir, Bracha -- Clause packages as constructions in developing narrative discourse

2011     Seroussi, Batia -- The morphology-semantics interface in the mental lexicon: Derived nouns in Modern Hebrew

2014     Lustigman, Lyle -- Lexical categories, inflectional morphology, and simple-clause syntax as interfacing in children's acquisition of Hebrew

2015     Davidi, Orna -- Text reconstruction as reflecting pre-adolescent writing abilities in two genres and two populations


In progress:

Yaron, Renana -- Linguistic factors in lexical access, knowledge, and use among children with normal and impaired language development


M.A. Theses

1974      Rabinowitch, S. -- Two-word utterances of Hebrew-speaking children [in Hebrew]

1975      Zonshain, Y. -- One-word utterances of Hebrew-speaking toddlers aged 12, 15, and 18 months [in Hebrew]

1976      Eyal, S. -- Acquisition of question utterances by Hebrew-speaking children [in Hebrew]

1976      Salzburg, H. -- Negative sentences of Hebrew-speaking children [in Hebrew]                                                                                                          

1976      Ziv, E. -- Acquisition of syntactic structures by Hebrew-speaking grade-school children

1977      Dromi, E. -- The MLU as a measure of language development among Hebrew-speaking children aged 2 to 3 years [in Hebrew]

1977      Wigodsky, M. -- Comprehension of coreferent and non-corefernt pronouns by 9- to 12-year-old Israeli schoolchildren [in Hebrew]

1978      Ravid, D. -- Word-formation processes in Modern Hebrew nouns and adjectives

1978      Twite, S. -- The child’s awareness of grammaticality

1979      Ben-Yitzchak, D. -- Telegraphic speech of Hebrew-speaking children [in Hebrew]

1980      Naor, S. -- Use of relative clauses in texts translated into and from English and Hebrew respectively

1981      Attias, T. -- Adjective order in Israeli Hebrew

1981      Yif’at, R. -- Language skills of institutionalized and home-raised children aged 4 and 8 [in Hebrew]

1982      Guralnik, E. -- Language screening test for Hebrew-speaking preschool children -- with A. Rom [in Hebrew]

1983      Kaplan, D. -- Order of acquisition of morpho-syntactic categories among Hebrew-speaking 2- to 3-year-olds [in Hebrew]

1983      Shaham, L. -- Comprehension and production of two types of conditional constructions in Hebrew by preschoolers, schoolchildren, and adults

1983      Zur, B. -- On the acquisition of definiteness by Hebrew-speaking children [in Hebrew]

1984      Kemp, J. -- Native language knowledge as a predictor of success in learning a foreign language with special reference to a disadvantaged population

1985      Bilev, R. -- Development in comprehension and production of compound constructions by Hebrew-speaking children [in Hebrew]

1987      Neeman, Y. -- Processing and syntax of relative clauses

1988      Mayrose, O. -- Acquisition of action nominals in Hebrew [in Hebrew]

1988      Wool, R. -- Use of relative clauses in the Hebrew-English interlanguage of Israeli learners

1989      Geva, R. -- Development in use of the coordinating conjunction ‘ve’ in narratives of Hebrew-speaking children aged 3 to 12

1990      Dekel, D. -- Noun-formation in literary and colloquial Arabic -- with N. Basal [in Hebrew]

1991      Dor, D. -- On the regulative nature of grammar

1992      Elroy, O. -- Morphological marking of causativity by Hebrew-speaking children and adults

1998      Aisenman, R. -- Linguistic-cognitive features of similes and metaphors --with Y. Shen

1998      Doolman, R. -- Narrative and linguistic knowledge iD picture-story narration of preschool children from two different populations [in Hebrew]

1999      Kupersmitt, J. -- Development of form/function relations in the narratives of Spanish-Hebrew bilinguals: What stays and what goes?

2000      Dean-Pardo, O. -- Acquisition of superordinate labels among young Hebrew-speaking children [in Hebrew]

2003      Baruch, E. -- A proposal for analyzing lexical categories in context -- with S. Armon-Lotem [Bar-Ilan University masters’ thesis]

2003      Biran, R. -- The development of use of relative clauses among two populations: Children with normal language development and children with SLI [in Hebrew].

2003      Levin, M. -- Linguistic development of L2 English in written narratives of Hebrew L1 middle- and high-school students compared with adults

2003      Lotan, O. -- The effect of elicitation procedures on narrative text production of Hebrew-speaking preschoolers and schoolchildren [in Hebrew]

2003      Fattal, I. -- Recognition and verbal explanation of pictorial absurdities: Development from age 5 to 12 years [in Hebrew]

2004      Nir-Sagiv, B. -- Syntactic structure and informative content in developing narrative text construction

2004      Shalev, H. -- Developmental perspectives on the distribution and function of Discourse Markers in oral narrative and expository texts [in Hebrew]

2006      Bar-El, A. -- Occurrence of verb-satellite constructions in the English-language narratives of speaker-writers of Hebrew, a verb-framed language

2007      Lustigman, L. -- Selectivity in early child grammar: The case of Hebrew verb morphology -- with O. Bat-El

2008      Kotser, A. -- Effect of elicitation conditions on the ability to understand and reconstruct narratives by 3- to 7-year old Hebrew-speaking children [in Hebrew]

2009      Nayditz-Rosen, R. -- Local linguistic expression and global discourse quality in narrative and expository texts written by schoolchildren at two age-schooling levels from two different SES backgrounds [in Hebrew]

2011      Zimmerman, A. -- Linguistic input to a toddler of low SES background: An exploratory study with D. Ravid [in Hebrew]

 2014       Belzitsman, G. – The notion of equivalence in narrative coordinated constructions


In progress:

Klein, Stav – Biases in the acquisition of consonants in modern Hebrew –with E.G. Cohen