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Member Benefits


About The Tel-Aviv University Junior Academic Staff Association

Member Benefits:

Information: The Association provides information and advice as to the members' rights as employees of the university and as Milgaim concerning insurance, social benefits, work conditions etc.

Association Support and Representation: In case of any argument with the university authorities, the Association provides information, advicee and representation to the member.

Legal Support: When needed, the Association provide legal support through its legal consultants.

In Addition: to negotiating contracts, lobbying, and handling grievances, your association works to provide you benefits and services, including loan's, discount voucher's and special offer's. Contact us if you have a suggestion for a new member benefit.

Loan's: It is possible to receive a loan from the Association up to the amount of 6000 NS at a favorable rate. Please contact the Association office for further information.

Buying Vouchers: Usuall at Rosh-hashana and Passover, the Association provides buying vouchers to various chain-stores at 13%-15% purchase discount.

Dyonun Discount Card's: As in previous years discount card's for the Dyonun store are given to staff members who are not entiteled to a student discount. If you have not yet recived your card please contact us.

Misc. Discount's: It is possible to receive through the association various children books and videos, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and magazine subscriptions at a reduced price.