Computer programs

rate4site: a program for detecting conserved amino-acid sites by computing the relative evolutionary rate for each site in a multiple sequence alignment.

traitRate: a program for the detection of trait-dependent shifts in the rate of sequence evolution.

chromEvol: a program for analyzing changes in chromosome-number along a phylogeny and for the inference of polyploidy.

Web servers

Pepitope: A server for epitope mapping using affinity-selected peptides.

Epitopia: A server for detection of immunogenic regions in protein structures or sequences.

ConSurf: A server for the identification of functional regions in proteins.

CCDB: The Chromosome Counts Database.

CLUMPAK: Clustering Markov Packager Across K. A webserver that aids users in automating the process of analyzing the results of genotype clustering programs such as STRUCTURE.

OneTwoTree: A webserver for automatic phylogeny reconstruction for a list of taxa based on all sequence data available in NCBI GenBank.

CRISTA: CRISPR Target Assessment. A webserver that determines the propensity of a genomic site to be cleaved by a given sgRNA.

CRISPys: A webserver for the optimal design of sgRNAs for simultaneous cleavage of multiple genes using the CRSPR system.