Dr. Dina Tsybulsky  -  Senior Research Associate

Phd students:

  • Hillel Rosensweig - ”Autocorrelation Functional Analysis of Teachers' Worldview” 

Graduate students:

Gilad Shamir `White box minds' – a computational perspective assessment of 3rd grade students in a city wide computational thinking project

Natasha Darmoroz STEM Teachers beliefs in Digital Age

Erez Sinai  “Cyber Physical Sytems in High School

Nitzan Hagai Personal Identity Online in Education

Kineret Meir Changes in Worldview of Pre-service Science Teachers

Irena Kipnis Worldviews Regarding the Digital Reality of Highly Experienced Technology Teachers

Lihi Margolit “Educational Practices in Digital Age”

Mariya Fertman The relationship between spatial vision capabilities and the ability to assemble CAD software among engineering students

Eli Sudetsky “Teachers’ Perceptions towards Technological Artifacts"

Moran Cohen “Emerging Digital Consciousness of Technology Teachers”

Ornit Shani “Digital Consciousness of Math Teachers”

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