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Information and Notes: Samuel & Kings


Bibliographic reference: Dillmann, Augustus (ed.). Veteris Testamenti Aethiopici Tomus Secundus, sive Libri Regum, Palalipomenon, Esdrae, Esther. Fasc. 1: Regum I et II; fasc. 2: Regum III et IV, Leipzig, 1861, 1871.


THIS is the first digitized version of the Ethiopic Books of Reigns (I-IV, that is, Samuel I-II and Kings I-II).  It follows August Dillmann’s critical edition published in Leipzig in 1861–71.  Dillmann’s work was scanned; his corrigenda were corrected (new typos were undoubtedly inserted; please report them); the images were turned into text using an OCR software; and careful proofreading of the entire text followed.

Dillmann’s Critical Apparatus for Reigns I-II (2.5MB) and for Reigns III-IV (3MB) is available here as PDF.

Ran HaCohen

Sepember, 2015; January, 2016