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Information and Notes: The Psalter

Files Updated: May 1st, 2015


Bibliographic reference: Ludolf, Hiob (ed.). Psalterium Davidis aethiopice et latine. Frankfurt a.M., 1701.


This is the first digitized version of the Ethiopic Psalter.  It follows Hiob Ludolf’s (1624–1704) critical edition published in Frankfurt am Main in 1701.  Ludolf’s entire book is available at Google Books, where the Critical Apparatus (as well as a Latin translation) can be found. The Ethiopic text of the Psalter was entirely re-typed; Ludolf’s Menda Typographica, as well as a few other typos I came across, were corrected. (In return, new typos were undoubtedly inserted; please report them.)  Each psalm is directly accessible from the main menu.

Ran HaCohen

March–July, 2010

(Replacing the image version placed here in November, 2009)