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Information and Notes: Jubilees


Bibliographic reference: Dillmann, Augustus (ed.). መጽሐፈ ፡ ኩፋሌ ፡ sive Liber Jubilaeorum, qui idem a Graecis Η ΛΕΡΤΗ ΓΕΝΕΣΙΣ inscribitur versione Graeca deperdita nunc nonnisi in Geez lingua  conservatus nuper ex Abyssinia in Europam allatus. Kiel – London, 1859.


This is an internet image version of the Ethiopic Book of Jubilees.   It follows August Dillmann’s critical edition published in Kiel and London in 1859.  The entire book was scanned by Microsoft and is available at the Internet Archive.  Each chapter as well as each page are directly accessible from the main menu.

Dillmann’s corrigenda were corrected; Dillman’s addenda were pasted at the bottom of each relevant page, marked by a parenthesized asterisk.

NOTE that this is not the most recent critical edition of Jubilees; VanderKam’s edition was published in 1989.


Ran HaCohen

April, 2010