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Information and Notes: Jesaiah


Bibliographic reference: Bachmann, Johannes (ed.). Der Prophet Jesaia nach der aethiopischen Bibeluebersetzung. I. Teil: Der aethiopische Text, Berlin, 1893.


This is an internet image version of the Ethiopic Book of Jesaiah.  It follows Johannes Bachmann’s critical edition published in Berlin in 1893. Johannes Bachmann, a German orientalist, lived between 1863–1894 (not to be confused with the better-known theologian of the same name, 1832–1888). The 2nd part of this book, titled Der aethiopische Text in seinem Verhaeltnis zur Septuaginta, has apparently never been published.

Bachmann’s Ethiopic text was scanned, and his Errata corrected. Each chapter is directly accessible from the main menu.

The Description of the Manuscripts used by Bachmann is available here.

Ran HaCohen

November, 2009