Information and Notes: Fetha Nagast


Bibliographic reference: ፍትሐ ነገሥት ንባብና ትርጓሜው [Fɘtḥa Nägäśt (Law of the Kings), Text and Translation], Addis Ababa, 1990 EC.


Title page

This a digitized version of the ፍትሐ ነገሥት Fɘtḥa Nägäśt or Law of the Kings, Ethiopia's traditional book of law. It follows an edition published in Addis Ababa in 1962 EC (reprint 1990 EC), in Ge'ez with Amharic translation. (An English translation by Abba Paulos Tzadua and Peter L. Strauss was published in 1968.) Each page and chapter ("gate") is directly accessible from the main menu. A link is provided to the pertinent chapter in a print edition of the Arabic source of the work.


Ran HaCohen

March, 2021