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Information and Notes: Ezra


Bibliographic reference: Pereira, F. M. Esteves (ed.). Le troisième livre de ‘Ezrâ (Esdras et Néhémie canoniques): version éthiopienne (Patrologia Orientalis xiii.5), Paris, 1919.


This is an internet image version of the Ethiopic Book of Ezra.  It follows Francisco María Esteves Pereira’s (1854–1924) critical edition published in Paris in 1919. 

The Ethiopic Bible knows three different books named after Ezra:

Ezrâ I, an apocryphal book which is not part of the Septuagint, also called The Apocalypse of Esdras (Ezrae Apocalypsis or quartus Esdrae in the Vulgate);

Ezrâ II, an apocryphal book called Έσδρας α in the Septuagint (Ezra Graecus or tertius Esdrae in the Vulgate);

-both published by Dillmann; And the present book:

Ezrâ III, the canonical book called Έσδρας β in the Septuagint, containing the Books of Ezra and Nehemia (primus Esdrae and secundus Esdrae in the Vulgate).


Pereira’s Ethiopic text was scanned (including its French translation).  Each chapter is directly accessible from the main menu.

Pereira’s Introduction is available here as PDF (0.3MB).

Ran HaCohen

November, 2009