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Information and Notes: Apocryphal Books


Bibliographic reference: Dillmann, Augustus (ed.). Veteris Testamenti Aethiopici Tomus Quintus, quo continentur Libri Apocryphi, Baruch, Epistola Jeremiae, Tobith, Judith, Ecclesiasticus, Sapientia, Esdrae Apocalypsis, Esdrae Graecus, Berlin, 1894.


This is an internet image version of several Ethiopic apocryphal books: Baruch and The Letter of Jeremia, Tobit, Judith, Ecclesiasticus (or  Wisdom of the Son of Sirach), The Apocalypse of Esdras¹ (2 Esdras), and Apocryphal Esdras (1 Esdras).  It follows August Dillmann’s critical edition published in Berlin in 1894, a short while after Dillmann’s death.  Dillmann’s work was scanned.  Each chapter is directly accessible from the main menu.

Dillmann’s Comments on each of the Books are available at the bottom of the pertinent menu, under the plus-sign (+).

Ran HaCohen

October, 2009

      ¹ An earlier critical edition of this book, published by Richard Laurence in 1820 with Latin and English translation, is available here (the English translation starts on p. 199).