Alexander Grosu

  • Department of Linguistics
  • Tel Aviv University


  1. 1942–1953: Elementary and High School, Matriculation, in Bucharest.
  2. 1953–1958: Bucharest Academy of Music (piano, chamber music); MA (summa cum laude).
  3. 1966–1969: Tel Aviv University (linguistics and English literature); BA (summa cum laude).
  4. 1969–1971: The Ohio State University (linguistics); MA (with distinction).
  5. 1971–1972: The Ohio State University (linguistics); Ph.D.

Master Thesis: On coreferentiality constraints and Equi-NP-Deletion in English. Superviser: Prof. Arnold Zwicky.

Doctoral Thesis: The strategic content of island constraints. Superviser: Prof. Arnold Zwicky.