CTV: 2023

January 22nd - February 4th 2023        


The Central Timna Valley (CTV) Project is a multi-year project of the Institute of Archaeology at Tel Aviv University, focusing on copper production sites in the southern Aravah Valley at the transitional period between the Late Bronze and Iron Ages (1300 – 800 BCE). The excavations are aimed at addressing social, technological and chronological aspects of the ancient copper production industry. Field work is conducted on a small scale, designed to address specific research questions, and is complemented by various laboratory analyses of the different archaeometallurgical finds. The project is based on two intensive weeks of field work, excavations, lectures and field trips to various ancient copper production sites, with emphasis on learning different excavation methods and understanding technological evolution from the dawn of metallurgy to the Islamic period, as shaped by the environmental background (geology of the ore deposits, regional ecology etc.)

Basic information

 The dig includes evening lectures and field trips, with emphasis on ancient technologies, biblical histoy, archaeological sciences and desert archaeology.         

Disclaimer: Participants are responsible for insurance; the expedition will not cover any claims of damage to equipment or injuries, of the volunteers and their visitors.



csחפירות תמנע, ינואר-פברואר 2023, דף התמצאות

חפירות 2023 יוצא לדרך; החפירות מתקיימות כרגיל, אחרי כמה שנים של פעילות מצומצמת בשנת הגפה. מצפים לראותכם.    
תאריך עדכון אחרון: 23.10.2022


הצהרה בדבר ביטוח: הדאגה לביטוח רפואי על אחריות המתנדבים בלבד; אין המשלחת אחראית על נזקים כלשהם, בין אם בציוד ובין אם בגוף, של משתתפי העונה ומבקריהם.


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Participants are responsible for their own insurance; the expedition will not cover any claims for injuries of the volunteers and their visitors. Participants agree to purchase the appropriate level of travel insurance in advance of this excavation.

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