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I am a senior lecturer (assistant professor) at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University


My research interests are:
Mathematics of data science
signal processing
cryo-electron microscopy
phase retrieval

I am looking for excellent research students to join my group! Prospective students are encouraged to read this paper.
Office: Tel Aviv University, Department of Electrical Engineering, EE-Labs Building, Room 118
Phone: +972 733804212
Email: bendory at tauex dot tau dot ac dot il
My Google Scholar page
Funding: ISF, NSF, BSF


  1. New paper: Phase retrieval with semi-algebraic and ReLU neural network priors . Joint work with Nadav Dym, Dan Edidin, and Arun Suresh.
  2. New paper: Self Fourier shell correlation: properties and application to cryo-ET . Joint work with Eric Verbeke, Marc Gilles, and Amit Singer.
  3. The paper Unrolled algorithms for group synchronization has been accepted for publication in IEEE Open Journal of Signal Processing.
  4. New paper: SE(3) Synchronization by Eigenvectors of Dual Quaternion Matrices. Joint work with Ido Hadi and Nir Sharon.
  5. New paper: Detection and recovery of hidden submatrices. Joint work with Marom Dadon and Wasim Huleihel.
  6. The paper Finite alphabet phase retrieval has been accepted for publication in Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis (ACHA).
  7. The paper Autocorrelation analysis for cryo-EM with sparsity constraints: Improved sample complexity and projection-based algorithms has been accepted for publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).