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I am a senior lecturer (assistant professor) at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Tel Aviv University


My research interests are:
Mathematics of data science
signal processing
cryo-electron microscopy
phase retrieval

I am looking for excellent research students to join my group! Prospective students are encouraged to read this paper.
Office: Tel Aviv University, Department of Electrical Engineering, EE-Labs Building, Room 118
Phone: +972 733804212
Email: bendory at tauex dot tau dot ac dot il
My Google Scholar page
Funding: ISF, NSF, BSF, Alon Scholarship, Data Science center at TAU.


  1. New paper: Signal enhancement for two-dimensional cryo-EM data processing. Joint work with Guy Sharon and Yoel Shkolinsky.
  2. The paper Near-optimal bounds for signal recovery from blind phaseless periodic short-time Fourier transform has been accepted for publication in Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications.
  3. New paper: The sample complexity of sparse multi-reference alignment and single-particle cryo-electron microscopy . Joint work with Dan edidin.
  4. New paper: Unsupervised particle sorting for cryo-EM using probabilistic PCA. Joint work with Gili Weiss-Dicker, Amitay Eldar, and Yoel Shkolinsky.
  5. New paper: K-sample multiple hypothesis testing for signal detection. Joint work with Uriel Shiterburd and Amichai Painsky.
  6. New paper: Autocorrelation analysis for cryo-EM with sparsity constraints: Improved sample complexity and projection-based algorithms . Joint work with Yuehaw Khoo, Joe Kileel, Oscar Mickelin, and Amit Singer.
  7. The paper Multi-target detection with rotations has been accepted for publication in Inverse Problems and Imaging.
  8. New paper: Signal detection with dynamic programming. Joint work with Mordechai Roth and Amichai Painsky.
  9. New paper: Unrolled algorithms for group synchronization. Joint work with Noam Janco.